Original Writing – A Short tale

A few miles south of your usual city packed with loud, noisy, busy people lay a small village of friendly folk. It was Spring in the land and in that one rural village the orchards blossomed, birds sung and the sun did not want to stray from this peaceful green valley. Only one particular person could hear the sound of trickling water at that precise moment, a Master Will Briscoe. He lay peacefully against one of the white blossom trees. His tatty breeches and white shirt flickered around in the wind. His toe poking out of a hole in his sock felt light blossom brush against it tenderly touching the surface. He was drifting off into a deep sleep until “Ahoy there!” called a certain Tom Davis.
He stood around 5 foot 5 inches tall with brown, curly hair tied up in a ponytail that was blowing in the breeze. His shirt was a perfect white and had a pendant poking out the top which looked to be a sharp tooth of some kind. His friend who had arrived with him was of the larger sort of size, so as to speak. He had what looked to have once been food down the front of his shirt. He had chubby cheeks, and wild black hair. His eyes were a friendly kind of brown and he wore odd socks having not been fully awake when dressing that morning.
“Tom, Brown,” Will replied while nodding at each of them in turn.

Brown as he was called was the second, larger and grubbier of the two boys, his actual name was Tim, Tim Brown. But his friends felt the name Tim just didn’t suit him and with not much brains between the lads Brown seemed like an easy and suitable name. So Brown it was and they had stuck to that name since their first meetings of each other.
“Will, you got a moment?” Tom asked. “They’re wanting hands to help prepare for the festival tonight,” he finished.
“Sure,” Will replied, “I was only down here to get away from the house.” Brown who was watching the bees fly from flower to flower turned towards Will and asked with a soft tone, “Trouble at home again?”
“Nah just the landlord being a jerk that’s all.”
“Nothing new then, ” Tom added.
They chuckled on while walking back towards town, the trip from town to the orchards was short, which may have been why Will spent so much time there. Or maybe he just preferred the peace compared to the hustle and bustle of town. As the boys approached the town they could see the outline of another friend of theirs Ray Staines, Ray wasn’t small but he wasn’t really very tall either. He had short blonde hair and to be honest just usually tagged along with the group.
“Hi Will! Hi Tom! Hi Brown!” Ray shouted enthusiastically. “Going to help with the festival?”
“Yes,” Will replied while casting quizzical looks at the others.
“We can all go together right?” asked Ray.
“Sure,” Will answered.
By the time they had arrived there was only a few hours till the festival begun. They moved over towards the man who seemed to be directing everyone about.
“Hello there,” the man boomed.
He was large, balding and his only other distinguishable feature was his button nose. His name was Riordan, Captain Riordan when addressed.
“Sorry lads we’ve just finished setting up for the evening, so you can’t get any discounts for helping to set up, so go home freshen up and spend lots of money tonight,” he said while chuckling to himself.
Will, Tom, Brown, and Ray split up.
“See you later guys!” Will called while walking home to prepare for the night’s festival.

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Original Writing – A Short tale
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