Option #1: Performance Management Systems

Option #1: Performance Management Systems 
The successful implementation of a performance management system requires a clear understanding of how the system works and a clear understanding of its benefits from the different perspectives of all involved.
A performance management system takes into consideration motivation and leadership techniques to increase human capital.
Complete the following:
1. Identify and explain a performance management system that focuses on leadership and motivating employees. Briefly explain and evaluate these programs.
2. Analyze how leadership influences employee motivation and organizational performance.
3. Develop two specific leadership development strategies that focus on leadership competencies and how these influence the process of developing human capital.
4. Create a matrix that will measure the impact of your strategies.
5. The focus of the strategies should be on the leader competencies needed within the organization to effectively lead human capital.
Your paper should be 4 pages in length and in APA Format!!!!

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Option #1: Performance Management Systems
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