Non-Violent Revolution and Liberty.

Write 6 pages with APA style on Non-Violent Revolution and Liberty. Revolutionaries such as Martin Luther King Jr., Dalai Lama, and Mohandas Gandhi used non-violent means to include strikes, sit-ins, and peaceful marches. Non-violent revolutions are normally characterized by the peaceful nature that they take rather than the use of violence to get a reaction one expects.

People who resolve to use this form of revolution often hope to set a better example to the future generations (Sharp, 2003, 183). If anything is to be determined from past revolution, one notes that the society as a whole tends to benefit from non-violent revolutions than from violent revolutions. I do agree that non- violent revolutions work

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Non-Violent Revolution and Liberty.
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Nonviolence does not explicitly imply not partaking in violence. it can also be viewed as a way in which a person can use positive action as a way of resisting oppression and to bring about transformation in the community. Mahatma Gandhi once stated, “The essence of the non-violent technique is that it seeks to liquidate antagonisms but not the antagonists”. This can simply be interpreted to mean that non-violent revolutions aim to change the opponent’s point of view and win them over. It is a win-win situation. Revolutionists who use this method do so in inevitably they will be able to persuade their oppressors into seeing things from their perspective and that their point of view is right.

Nonviolent participants do not seek out to harm their oppressors in any way. On the contrary, they are willing to suffer whatever it takes in order to bring about some form of change in society. The reason as to why non-violence has such great fascination is because it removes the absurdity of trying to make society more just and less violent place by using violence as a tool.&nbsp.

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