Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are dedicated to advancing certain societal causes or encouraging a certain common point of understanding. These organizations are either exempt from taxes or are charitable so they are not required to pay income levy for the funds they get for their organization. Non-profit organizations function in different fields, such as education, religion, research, science, etc. (Drucker, 2016). Because many people invest their time, money, and trust in these organizations, there are various key aspects that define a non-profit organization. Such aspects include honesty, trustworthiness, openness, and accountability.
Personally, I am interested in either working for a non-profit organization or partnering with one. My interest stems from the purpose of non-profit organizations; they are not motivated by monetary reward and recognition, but rather by making the society a better place to live in. Time and time again, non-profit organizations have demonstrated that they are willing to trade financial gains to see human lives radically transformed (Drucker, 2016). Another reason for my interest is because one gets to meet many people from different backgrounds and make an impact on these individuals’ lives.
I am also interested in non-profit organizations because they enhance one’s knowledge by allowing one to work in different areas and gain hands-on experience. This is because most non-profit organizations are small in size, so the employees and volunteers have to perform tasks across the different areas of the organization. The last reason for my interest is because of the unique work environment, which is not only purpose driven, but also passionate.

Moreover, the starting of a non-profit organization is an inspiring way to aid those in need and give back to the community (Kinzey, 2013). But, it is important for one to comprehend all the steps involved in the process since developing and sustaining a non-profit organization takes years of effort and a great deal of determination. There are several matters that must be taken into consideration before starting a non-profit organization. The first of which is doing an analysis of existing organizations, as well as the community, in order to determine whether the non-profit organization is right for you and to recognize alternatives when there is no reliable income.
Another is the establishment of a strong foundation, which is done through the creation of the mission statement, formulation of a business plan, and development of the board (Kinzey, 2013). The third matter is the incorporation of the non-profit since incorporations give it credibility, limit the liabilities of the employees, and enhance the organization. The remaining aspects are filing for the tax-exempt status and ensuring compliance through registering with the necessary state agencies while preparing for annual report requirements.
Additionally, non-profit organizations operate through and in our communities, so it is necessary to make them acceptable to the general public (Vaughan ; Arsneault, 2013). The first way they can be made acceptable is by employing people from local communities since it helps improve the living standards of people. Likewise, the board of directors or trustees should include people whom the public trusts and appreciates for their contribution in improving society. Accountability and openness can also make the non-profit organization acceptable to the public. For instance, when a non-profit organization shares with the public how it spends its money, the public is more willing to financially support the organization. Finally, championing for a cause that will directly benefit the local community can make a non-profit organization acceptable to the public. An example is that if a local community.
Donors are similarly significant in a non-profit organization as they support its activities, though attracting them has been especially challenging for the non-profits. However, there is a solution for attracting the donors and one of them includes attracting donors through personal touch. It is because a lot of people seek causes that they can identify with, in particular, the millennial donors (Vaughan ; Arsneault, 2013). It is vital to give people the feeling that they are part of the team through the creation of real and personal touches/details. Another way to attract the donors is to create an appealing design that can entice potential donors, causing a desire to learn more about the organization.
The third way of attracting the donors is showing off my personality as the owner of a non-profit organization. Personality enables one to stand out in the crowd and creates positive emotional associations with the brand, hence encouraging long-term loyalty (Vaughan; Arsneault, 2013). The last way is by getting creative with fundraising events and campaigns. For instance, if the non-profit organization supports cancer, a sports event can be done during the fundraising to demonstrate the strengths and abilities of the cancer patients.
The most appropriate legal structure for the non-profit organization is the non-profit corporation (Kanter ; Sherman, 2016). Corporations will permit the non-profit organization to protect its directors and employees from certain kinds of liabilities, which is similar to for-profit companies. It also guarantees that the organization can conduct its functions even when the founding members are one. Also, to register the non-profit organization, there must be help from the attorney general’s office or the office of the secretary of the state division of corporations.
Finally, the best event that could help the non-profit organization is a run and walk in, which the participants will pay a small amount of money to enter. The runners and walkers will be provided t-shirts, caps, and bags that have some information about the non-profit organization. The purpose of providing the t-shirts, caps, and bags is to aid in creating awareness about the non-profit (Kanter ; Sherman, 2016). The runners and walkers will be encouraged to obtain donations from their friends, family, and colleagues and through partnerships with other companies. Also, the top runners will be appreciated and made the ambassadors of the non-profit organizations. Furthermore, the runs and walks will happen at strategic locations so the participants can come into contact with the public, hence making the non-profit organization known to a larger number of people.
In conclusion, it is very exciting to be part of the non-profit sector despite the many challenges that it faces. It is important to verify that the standards of efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency are high for non-profit organizations. Establishing a non-profit organization, volunteering for one, working for one, or financially supporting one are all methods of making the world a better place.

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