Need Statement

X is a socio-cultural organization   working for social reformations for over two decades. It is a registered NGO, a non-profit organization. Currently, the main thrust of the organization is drug demand reduction amongst the younger generation. Drug abuse and alcoholism are among major causes for social maladies and   they misdirect the youth to antisocial activities and terrorism. The program initiated by X is an exclusive Psycho Analytical Treatment Module, which works on the total personality of an individual (addict). The highlight of our program is craving for drugs and alcohol is erased from the mind of the addict. That prevents the relapse, which is the major cause of worry in most of the drug demand reduction program.
The drug demand reduction program of X has changed the lives of many individuals, transformed and rehabilitated families. X therefore, wishes to set up a comprehensive centre for de-addiction as it is felt that with growing number of cases, makeshift arrangements are not enough. X wishes to establish a full-fledged treatment centre.  Many across the country as well as a sizeable number from abroad have enquired about and have suggested for a proper permanent centre for inpatients, which require treatment for a fairly long period.
“It is better to have a world united than a world divided; but it s better to have a world divided than a world destroyed,” said Sir Winston Churchill at the time of Second World War! At that time, perhaps Mr. Churchill did not think about this new war, where the youth of all the countries will join together, the war objective being mutual destruction.

Who’s fighting whom in this weaponless, ammunition less war of drug-addiction? The most unfortunate aspect of this war is youth are the Commanders and the Generals! Thousands are recruited, without sex-bias, to this army of self-annihilation.  Mostly, youth partake in this death-march, and one can often hear the beat of the muffled drums, because drug death rates among the youth are increasing alarmingly. Youth have another shameful situation to face. “Often it is the victims of peddling who are arrested and prosecuted (for solicitation) rather than the traffickers” (UNODC-2007)
Youth took to the drugs at a very young age, and walked up to the grave! That is their achievement in life! They have nothing to look forward to in life! The moral collapse of the younger generation is the worst thing that can happen to any country and humanity as a whole. Constructive dynamism should be the watchwords for this generation, but they preferred the ‘warmth’ of the fire-place beside the drug-joints .To provide the complete drug statistics, will mean writing an encyclopedia. The situation is simply mind-boggling.
Therefore, the goal of X Organization is to bring total reduction in drug demand among the addicts and transform our drug-afflicted society into a society that is totally liberated from drug and substance abuse and make it  morally strong to stand against the related evils under any and all circumstances.
It is no use brooding over the statistics, whether drug addicts are 1 million or 10 million! The menace has assumed alarming proportions, with no signs of abating.  If it is not checked with extra-serious efforts, the disastrous results will be catastrophic!  Youth are caught in it, and the clutches are too strong. The combustible younger generation is burning itself in the fire of various types of drug addictions.
The present efforts made by UNODC, Govt. agencies, medical practitioners and philanthropists in the area of drug demand reduction, are like blocking a furiously advancing avalanche with the fence of straw. Or trying to touch the moon by kite flying! Or controlling the rising flood waters of the river by filling pitchers! Statistical studies and data are no doubt needed, but it is no use digging the well when the house is on fire. When there is a war, your goal should be to win the war, no matter how you do it. The initiatives should be implemented by honest people on a massive   scale. The transformation from addiction to de-addiction is like driving a vehicle, in the reverse gear—it is slow; has to be done with extra care!
“When it comes to drug abuse people within a community can be seen as belonging to three different zones. The three zones can be best compared to a traffic light. People in the green zone are those who do not use drugs presently. Those in the amber zone are the early users, who run a great risk of developing problems. Those in the red zone are persons who are addicted. People in the red zone need treatment that is expensive and requires a lot of effort, and relapses are frequent. Therefore, red zone strategies include detoxification and rehabilitation” (UNODC Thematic Pamphlets 9) Majority of the youth addicts are in the red zone!
As already stated, X is a non-profit Organization, just covering up its expenses through small donations, but it has the stability and experience of two decades behind it. Some of the philanthropists have been approached and seized of the issue. The activities of the project will be divided into two years. The program chalked out is:
1. Acquisition and possession of land
2. Outpatient department of the de addiction centre will be constructed first to initiate the following activities.
a) Specialist and Medical Staff.
b) Medicine Room.
c) Landscaping for Naturopathy.
d) Herbal Garden
e) Community Education Program.
f) Residential facilities for inpatient treatment.
Project Impact:
The objective of this treatment is to provide a treatment that treats, cures, detoxifies, recovers and rehabilitates an addict. Also transforms the individual in such a manner that there is a total denial to and abstinence from Drugs, alcohol and any type of substance abuse.
With the impact of the project there would be increase in the level of awareness among masses and the stakeholders that there is a technique besides customary medical techniques that can totally transform and reform an addict into a decent individual and make productive member of the society. Counseling has the dominant role to play in the cure of the youth drug-addict.  They are, improving study, deepening self-understanding, and solving personal problems, etc.
Solutions and intervention:
To treat youth drug-addicts is not like the treatment of patients with cold or headache. Each addict is a special person and his problems are his own and they are quite intriguing. You have to deal with a cluster of problems relating to an individual before he is cured finally. This is a job of great perseverance, apart from the medical knowledge about the treatment. Drug demand reduction is a co-operative effort. Several persons are involved in the treatment of a drug addict. The co-operation of the addict is all the more important.
.Monitoring and Evaluation:
Internal monitoring and evaluation of the program will be carried out by the Organization Management, evaluation staff will be appointed and trained.
The Fund Utilization Certificate will be made available through a registered Chartered Accountant.
When a drug addict is constantly nagged and abused, condemned and ostracized by society, he turns into a viler and bitter individual. In such cases showering of pity alone will not help much. Heartfelt care and concern, an understanding approach, and tender regard for feelings are necessary prerequisites to heal the inner wounds, the self-inflicted damage.  Coupled with this, everybody involved in the treatment, directly and indirectly, need to learn to forgive and forget the past of the patient in order to help him build a new identity.
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime-Strategic Programs Framework-South Asia-2005-2007-Priority Problems –Page 4
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime-Thematic Pamphlets 9–Prevention in the Community-Role of a Community Worker.
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