Need Paper Written for SOCI303 Class

Using at least two journal articles no more than five years old and the course material (for a total of at least four sources) to compare and contrast Simmel’s notion of the stranger with Du Bois’s notion of double consciousness. Explain each concept in full, including related concepts from the same theorist (for example, Simmel’s thesis on group distance and types of social actors and Simmel’s concept of the outsider within and the veil between the races), and then examine their similarities and differences. 
Your paper should be in APA format, in 12 point font, Times New Roman,  with 1” margins all around. Include subheadings to identify each section. Your paper should be 4-6 pages of text, not counting the cover and reference pages. Be sure to reference your sources in APA format.
To avoid academic dishonesty, at least 80% of the information presented should be in your own words. No more than 20% should be copied/pasted.  
APA formatting guide – Purdue Owl:

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Need Paper Written for SOCI303 Class
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