WK 4 DB 1: What I have Observed
1. Select a present or past manager who has or had coercive power.
2. Provide a specific example of how he or she uses or used reward and punishment to achieve an objective.
3. Overall, how effective is (or was) this manager at using rewards and punishment?
WK 4 DB 2: Case Study 
1. Using the Whirlpool Corporation Web site, identify the employee network groups at Whirlpool and the mission of each.
2. Do you think Whirlpool’s encouragement of employee networks work for or against creating a culture of diversity?  Explain your answer.
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According to the text, coercive power entails punishment and suppression of rewards to influence compliance. It can include threats of write-ups, demotions, pay cuts, layoffs, and terminations if employees fail to follow orders. Coercive power can be suitable to use in maintaining discipline and enforcing rules if it is kept to a minimum by using it as a last option. A manager from a previous job had a meeting with the employees in a specific unit of the agency. She informed us that she had received a low score on her evaluation and she, therefore, wanted us to go outside of what the policy stated to make her evaluation look good. Several employees spoke up and stated they were going to continue to follow the policy as they were taught. This action caused resentment towards the manager as workers felt threatened. Once the manager realized that she didn’t get the response she wanted from the employees, she decided to use another method to get them in compliance. The manager had the employees to sign a document dealing with their job performance in another area that they were lacking in. The document stated that if workers failed to perform at a certain level, they could receive a write-up, reprimand, suspension, or termination. Some workers felt threatened by the whole ordeal. The use of coercive power can involve the use of threats and punishment to influence compliance and out of fear, employees will often do as the manager requests them to. 
After viewing the Whirpool Corporation Web site, I have identified the employee network groups and their missions as:
* Asian Community- this group develops Asian culture and infuses its vast benefits into Whirlpool business and communities.
* Awareness of Visible and Invisible Disabilities (AVID)- this group makes it possible for Whirlpool professionals and consumers with disabilities to reach their full potential by generating a broad work environment and powerful recruiting effort.
* Focus Network- this group works hard to build a culture of excellence within the Whirlpool local community and corporation.
* Hispanic and Latino Network- this group which consists of over 200 members share work experiences as well as career development to their members. A wide range of activities is provided such as a Soccer tournament and a Career Development Day.
* Pride Network- this group strives to continue creating products that enhance the home with information that all types of families have a desire to be welcomed, included and celebrated.
* Veterans Association- this group strives to be recognized as one of the top veteran-friendly employers. They also recruit, trains, and retain veteran talent as well as include their families.
* Women’s Network (WWN)- this group allows and uses women at all levels within Whirlpool corporation and community to make certain that all voices are heard. Training and development opportunities are also offered through WWN.
* Young Professionals Network- this group encourages people of all ages to join their network to achieve remarkable results within their career and community. The YP Network gives tomorrow’s leaders a place to develop their eagerness to one day being mentors themselves.
Do you think Whirlpool’s encouragement of employee network work for or against creating a culture of diversity? Explain your answer.
I feel that Whirlpool’s encouragement of employee network works for creating a culture of diversity. The fact that the organization serves consumers of all diversities, will assure the company that their products will be around for many more years. Whirlpool’s overall success of their company came from employing a diverse group of people who brought new solutions into the workplace.

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