Need an research paper on the advantages of paying cash. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on the advantages of paying cash. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. It should be noted that compared to credit cards, cash payments make an individual more conscious of his expenditures, exempt him of annual charges, and motivates the individual to save.As opposed to cash payments, credit cards allow an individual to spend more than the money that he actually has. For example, when shopping a person with credit card tend to spend more on items that he does not necessarily need. With cash, a person will be constrained by the amount that he carries.Secondly, without credit cards, an individual is exempt from paying annual fees and other interest charges. The $200 charge by companies annually is often enough to purchase some necessities. Also, interest charges are additional expenses which one doesn’t want to shoulder.Lastly, cash payments motivate a person to save. It should be noted that since you only spend what you have, you are not tempted to allot money for unnecessary purchases. This together with the absence of financial charges motivates you to save money.If I am faced with the important decision of choosing the place where I want to spend all my life, I will choose to stay in the city. Away from the solace and the boredom of the small town, a city provides a quality of life which will enable me to develop my strengths to the fullest. The big city often offers the best schools in the country, the more exciting and challenging job opportunities, and the best companies to work for.

I always believe in developing my competencies through education which can be best secured by a huge and reputable university in the city. Universities in big cities often invest so much in the quality of the education that they offer thereby allowing their students to be the best in their respective fields.

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Need an research paper on the advantages of paying cash. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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Secondly, there are more job opportunities in the city. In a small town, jobs are limited and are often non-challenging to an adventurous person like me. In a big city, jobs require the completion of tasks which are more exciting. Having these tasks will enable me to learn more.

Big cities also house the best companies to work for. Recognizing the quality of the people that they have, these companies offer huge compensation together with nonfinancial rewards. Working with the best company also has the advantage of working with the best in the industry.

A big city represents the life that I choose for myself. As opposed to the small, quiet town it provides opportunities of growth for me. In the big city, I can be equipped with better education, work more challenging jobs, and can be a part of the world’s best organizations.

How to Do Your Laundry

Who says that you always need to bring your dirty clothes in the laundry shops for cleaning It is often disappointing to find out that people are relying so much and paying for these services when washing clothes is just an easy task. Doing your laundry can be done in three major steps namely, the pre-washing preparations, the actual washing, and drying.

In order make washing easier, it is best to always separate the colored from the whites. This way, the colors will be maintained and color fast clothes are also protected. Before putting them in the washing machine, all foreign objects such as clips, pens, wallets, and other should be removed from the clothes. Also, it is best to prepare the machine by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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