NCO Experience Review.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on NCO Experience Review. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. I have contributed to the army preparing new well-trained, skillful soldiers, and want to share my expertise further.

The job of NCO is absolutely all-encompassing for me as it is hardly possible to predict where and what exactly you will be doing tomorrow. It is also difficult to forecast which qualities and which experience you will need to utilize at the peculiar moment during a mission. I deployed to forty-eight countries among which the most memorable and the most complicated were Iraq, Afghanistan, and Haiti, and was not able to guess what to expect from this or that mission. Nevertheless, each deployment turned out to be extremely useful and interesting for me as a non-commissioned officer. I have developed in this profession which I consider to be the devotion of my life.

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After college I joined the Active Army, later in the 1990s, I graduated infantry and airborne school. During that time, I encountered many young men who came together to become professionals and sharing observations and experience with peers was a valuable opportunity for me. Moreover, I learned how other NCOs operated in different situations. I also realized that the army, like a really large organization, presupposes that different people do things in alternative ways in many cases. And the precious thing is that I could learn from all of them. The thing that I figured out at that time is that it is necessary to learn from each of the NCOs I meet whether I find this experience positive or negative. All this knowledge has to be evaluated, categorized, and put in the tool bag for the future. Later, when progressing with ranks and missions, that information helped me to become the NCO I meant to be.

For example, one of the NCOs at my time of studying was exceptionally attentive to all the soldiers, learning their strengths and weaknesses, interacting with them, and establishing friendly connections with them. According to The Army NCO Guide, an NCO must know how his soldiers operate in the conditions of stress and fear. And the only way to learn that is through constant communication and interaction with them and their families.

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