Music May Harm Your Studying.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Music May Harm Your Studying. From research done, it is clear that most of the young people prefer reading when there is some music on. The elderly people usually advise the young to be reading when there is no music that is playing in the background. The elderly are considered to be correct because the research was conducted that proved that music usually lowers the speed of writing of a person. That is true because listening to music and reading or writing will mean that the person doing that is trying to multi-task. A multi-tasking effort will not be as productive as compared to an event been carried out at a particular time and another at a different time. The efficiency in which an activity is carried can be affected by the multi-tasking attempting.

The issue of listening to music in the background while reading may be perceived to be a great idea, however, if a person is trying to memorize elements available in the periodic table, numbers or facts, the issue of listening to music may not be a great suggestion. According to research done by the University of Wales, it tried to investigate the ability of a person to recall information that may have been learnt in the prescience of sounds that are of a different nature. The research involved 25 people who were between the ages of 30 and 18. The research tried to investigate their ability to memorize information then, later on, try to remember the information.

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Music May Harm Your Studying.
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The participants were tried on conditions of listening to that ranged from a musical environment that the participants enjoyed and a quiet environment and a musical environment from music that they said they did not enjoy. There was also an environment that repeated random numbers. The research found out that the participants were the worst performers when listening to music regardless of the music liked. They also performed badly when listening to the repetition of random numbers. The participants were at their best when the environment was quiet and when there was a repetition of digit three only. That proves that music has the ability to disrupt the abilities that are cognitive in such a scenario because they attempted to memorize items that were listed in order. The memorization process becomes thrown off byword that is changing and the listening of mc that was been speculated by the authors (Vizard, and Perham, 2010).

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