Murray Bookchin Applied to a News Article.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Murray Bookchin Applied to a News Article. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. American environmentalists and other environmentalists around the world have campaigned against a myriad of issues. Currently, they are debating climate change and the related phenomenon of global warming. This paper compares and contrasts a new article entitled Spy Cables: Greenpeace’s Kumi Naidoo Targeted by Intelligence Agencies as “Security” Threat with one of Murray Bookchin’s essay entitled Ecology and Revolutionary Thought. The essay claims that man plays a major role in today’s environmental problems. In his essay, however, Bookchin is oblivious of the role of politics in the environmental debates that include climate change.

In February 2015, Al Jazeera obtained and broadcast leaked diplomatic cables in which a number of countries requested the South African intelligence to monitor the activities of certain NGOs, activists and politicians (Goodman and González 2015). In one of the documents, in the run-up to the 2010 G20 leaders’ summit in Seoul, South Korea asked the South African intelligence to specifically assess Kumi Naidoo, the International Executive Director of Greenpeace, terming him a security threat. Greenpeace is an international NGO that is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands and involved in environmental conservation (Greenpeace International 2014).The organization campaigns on a variety of global issues that include climate change overfishing, genetic engineering, nuclear weapons and commercial whaling. Both Naidoo and the South Korean government attended the 2010 G20 leaders summit. Naidoo’s organization enjoys a general consultative status in the United Nations Economic and Social Council(United Nations Economic and Social Council 2011). At the summit, they pushed its nuclear agenda on South Africa, Turkey and India among other countries(Goodman and González 2015).

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Murray Bookchin Applied to a News Article.
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Asked why the South Korean government would want him spied on, Naidoo described the South Korean government’s action as an act of desperation: like many other deniers of the existence of climate change, the South Korean government realized that it was losing the debate to Greenpeace and other environmental groups. The South Korean government resorted to fighting environmentalists hard.

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