Multiple Regression (Economic)

This assignment involves a written paper based on a statistical analysis. The following guidelines should help you to organize and present your work effectively.
A. Choosing a Topic
Each student will locate a set of data in order to analyze a relevant 
economic or business research question using multiple regression.
submit the following information:
1.  What is the dependent variable (i.e. the variable of analysis)?
2.  What independent variables will be considered?
3.  What is the thesis statement? This should be something like: “This 
study will seek to show a direct relationship between unemployment 
rates and interest rates.”
4.  What is the source of the data used in the study, i.e. exactly what data 
will you use? Give the source.
5.  Relevant data for the project and sample run.
B. Writing the Paper:
The paper, which should be about 2 pages of text, can be divided into the following sections:
1.  Introduction – in which the problem or focus of the paper is clearly stated.
2. Methodology – in which the dependent/analysis variable is clearly articulated.
3. Discussion – in which the results of the statistical analysis are explained clearly.
4. Conclusion – findings of research project.
5. Appendix – in which all computer printouts that related to this analysis are included.

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