Multimedia Assignment

Multimedia Assignment BY mck10101 Module code: 5M 299 Pre-production encompasses everything you do before you start recording and producing your media. Good pre-production will save time and hardship in the production and post-production stages. (McLaughlin, 2013). The overall goal is to maintain control during the high pressure production and post-production stages. Research and exploration i. There are two forms of research that can be carried out before starting a project: Primary Research (interviews, surveys, questionnaires, etc. Secondary Research (websites, reports, books, Journals, etc. Often it is secondary research that is undertaken as this is less time consuming and more cost effective. it. There are two categories that require exploration for an efficient project to take shape: Analysing the industry and marketplace by comparing competiveness, usability and Human Computer Interaction Getting to know your audience by carrying out usability tests, primary research and site analytics (McLaughlin, 2013) Layouts and Sketches These play an integral part of creating a visual representation of any given project.
They are used for the following reasons: Show the placements of elements Provide a rough plan for the client such as text, graphics, links, headers, footers and banners (McLaughlin, 2013) Layouts and Sketches can be for the Web, Flash and Animations. Here are some examples of how layouts and sketches can be presented: Content Generation There are two forms of content generation: Client generated User generated Client generated content is where the client provides the webmaster with the text, images, logos and graphics.
User generated on the other hand, is real time content with information flowing two ways. Social media is a prime example of this. Information Architecture, including storyboards and flowcharts Information architecture is about helping people understand their surroundings and find what theyre looking for – in the real world as well as online (IA’, 2013). The goal is to design a project where the navigation feels natural and the content is logically grouped.

Some techniques that can be used to help with the visualisation of a project are: Primary Research (getting feedback from real users) Storyboards (rough draft visual representation) Flowcharts (pictorial representation showing all steps involved in process) Here is a ypical example of a flowchart that is used in helping people understand the navigation process: Another visual aid is a sitemap which can be created and understood by non- technical viewers: Scheduling and project management These are vital to maintain that a project is delivered within a certain time-frame and that the objectives and requirements are clearly defined throughout.
According to McLaughlin (2013), Project management is a 5 step process: 1. Initiating (Client commitment stage) 2. Planning (Pre-production ; Production stages) 3. Executing (Production stage) 4. Monitoring and controlling (Production stage) . Closing (Post-production stage) File Formats and associated Extensions Video File Format: Extension: Description: Audio Video Interleave Windows standards. Moving Pictures Expert Group 4 . mpeg4, . mp4 Good for Web as it is supported by everything. Flash Video Format . flv Delivers MPEG video through Flash.
DVD Video Object . vob DVD standard container. Audio Wave Files . wav CD quality and very large files. Moving Pictures Expert Grout 2 Audio Layer Ill . mp3 Good for streaming and small file size than wave. Free Lossless Audio C . flac Half the size of WAV files. Musical Instrument Digital Interface . midi, . mid Good for synthesised sound and easy to edit. Images Portable Network Graphics . png Standard format for web and suitable for crisp logos. Photoshop documents . psd Large files and Adobe propriety files. Vector Image . i Adobe propriety and Adobe Illustrator project file. Scalable Vector Graphic . svg W3C standard and specific for Web vector graphics. Animation Animated Graphics Interchange Format Very small, supports transparency but not sound. Shock Wave Flash . swf Good for web, compressed and supports audio playback. Requires Shockwave plug-in for browser. Abobe Flash Project file . fla Propriety Adobe format. Actionscript for user interactivity. Not compressed and can create entire websites. SWISH Project File . swi Part of Coral DRAW Graphics suite.
Coral DRAW is the equivalent of Adobe . fla file. Can be export as wt, . avi, and . git List four examples of Devices and Platforms Devices According to the Macmillan Dictionary (2013), a ‘device’ is a machine or piece of equipment that does a particular thing. The following listed devices are capable of displaying Multimedia content: Smartphones Tablets Laptops MP3 Player Platforms: According to Merriam-Webster Online (2013), a ‘platform’ is the computer rchitecture and equipment using a particular operating system.
Here is a list of different platforms available: Smartphone Mac iPhone Windows Android osx iOS Linear and Non-Linear The difference between linear and non-linear is on the interactivity. If the user can control the access and the order of the content then it is a non-linear structure. Watching a movie used to be an example of a linear media experience, but now the DVD format allows you to have a non-linear experience by choosing scenes and going forward and backward (BMCC, 2011). Linear can be distinguished trom non-linear because i nas literally no interactivity ot any in k d.

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