Multimedia and design.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Multimedia and design. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Multimedia and Design One of the most powerful tools that are considered to make our lifestyle today even possible would be the computer. Comparing my experience when I learned the basics of computer for the first time such as typing and games to developing a deeper understanding of which, I was now led to use media instead of the word computer to describe the technology instead of just the tool which can pose a lot of limitations. For me, media is what maximizes the capability of the computers we have learned to live with today that makes it a realm of all possibilities.

My first understanding of Multimedia and design would be the fusion of audio and art translated into a material that is ready to be translated to digital format or medium. However, upon taking up the course where we have tackled three of the most insightful books: Simple and Usable by AColborne Giles, Steve Jobs by AIsaacson Walter, and. Massive change by AMau Bruce I realized that multimedia and design is indeed another world of digital media that would make every user of the web today more powerful than ever before.

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I learned from the book Simple and Usable that to be able to be successful in multimedia and design does not always mean creating a grand website that is very catchy to people’s eyes. Yes, it is another factor that a website would be visited however, catchy should never compromise with pleasantness. Thus, it is important to know that simplicity is really an objective one could carry out in any multimedia work that would never lead you astray to success. I learned that it does not mean creating an almost empty site perhaps but one that is of utmost functionality and at the same time with consideration to the basic needs of a user such as including a “help” link.

Another book I learned a lot from would be “Steve Jobs by AIsaacson Walter” that tackled how Steve Jobs was able to revolutionize six industries from personal computers, movies, music, phones, digital publishing and etc. This opened my eyes for the need to innovate and never let your imaginations end as it is. The success in multimedia could be achieved with inventiveness, a couple of multimedia engineering, and most especially a creation that would give a solution to a need or even a want. One of which would be that he made it possible to legally download songs which is of great value especially to the kind of lifestyle we have today and the booming music industry being experienced like never before in history which is made possible by the web today.

With AMau Bruce’s Massive Change, I developed a certain attitude towards multimedia and design. Aside from the theories I have learned throughout the course, his book made me realize the importance of accompanying all learning with the right mindset that would lead us to create something new such as opening our minds to so many natural innovations we could play with and put leverage on, perhaps designing a website or a web campaign that would chart all the complexities of life today by interconnecting people in easier, faster, and more enjoyable ways.


Multimedia: Design and multimedia. (n.d.). Web Style Guide. Retrieved April 1, 2012, from

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