Module Paper ( Organizational Behavior )

PART  1:  What have you learned in this class?  Please summarize the course theory/theories.  What essential elements did you derive from the course which relate to leadership and your career objectives?  Elements that you learned in the course are all that you need to describe here.
PART 2:  How is this relevant to you, your workplace or community?  Have you applied the “new” learning to your workplace or community?  Does the theory fit the organization or community?  If so, how?  Give a clear example of how the learning applies to you, your organization or community.  Be concise.
PART 3:  How does the new learning apply to your Foundation Paper?  How does the “new” learning fit in with your basic foundation paper strategic plan?  Do you need to reevaluate your original plan?  Is leadership a constant component?  How does the material move you towards your final goal?  Do you need to change your strategy?  Please provide details.

4 pages double spaced 

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Module Paper ( Organizational Behavior )
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Text Book:   Reframing Organizations—Bolman, Lee G. and Deal, Terrence E. Jossey-Bass, Sixth Edition, 2017.

This course is intended that you understand every aspect of organizational behavior, whether you are a manager or not.  Every organization has many sides to it. You are about to explore the human side of the organization. This course also covers organizational analysis through the “four-frame approach“: structure, people, power/politics, and perception. This includes methods of evaluation, change, and development influencing behavior through motivation, short-term/long-term behavioral factors, and satisfaction through job design.

4 organizational frames covered in the course (Structural Frame, Human Resources Frame, Political Frame and Symbolic Frame )  should be emphasized in the paper .

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