Mobile marketing the future of advertising.

Hi, need to submit a 3250 words paper on the topic Is mobile marketing the future of advertising. By definition, Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is a new competitive weapon and way of companies to draw maximum benefits from one shot. In other words, it is a concept designed to give users of the marketing mix an opportunity to make use of all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing a unified force, rather than permitting each to work in isolation (Kortler 2002). Varey (2001) considers integrated marketing as a paradigm shift towards more personalise, customer-oriented, technology-supported marketing systems.

Under this new approach, it is recommended that different communications channels used by the company to communicate with prospective customers and customers be integrated. Such an action will result to a clear, consistent and compelling message about the company’s product and services. The effect of which will be glaringly reflected on the sales record subsequently (Kotler. 2005). Integration of a company’s marketing communication activities can avoid confusion and disaffection in the minds of consumers and buyers, offering a comfortable identity to customers and staff (Kotler. 2005). As marketing has shifted to a more one to one direction, marketers have employed different methods to get to their target markets. Mobile advertising is fast becoming the order of the day (Baker 2007). The current revolution of information and communication technologies is changing our business environment drastically: new technologies influence the way we organize our work and the environment in which we compete, introducing new rules and new relative powers among incumbents, newcomers and even entire markets. This complex, evolving environments are referred to as New Technology Playgrounds (Ace 2001).

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Mobile marketing the future of advertising.
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Against this background, this paper seeks to answer the following questions

Is mobile marketing the future of advertising’

What are the variables that motivate companies to use mobile advertising’

How do mobile marketing differs from the other advertising methods’

What has been the trend in mobile marketing in the last five years’

What proportion of the advertisement budget is allocated to mobile marketing’

1.1 Objectives and Purpose of Study

This paper focuses on the growing trend of mobile marketing as a new way of advertisement. In particular, the paper seeks to analyse and evaluate if mobile marketing represents the future direction of advertisement. Other objectives include

To examine the salient features of mobile marketing as compared to the other advertisement method.

The paper also aims at analysing mobile marketing trend in the last five years through an examination of the budget allocated towards mobile marketing.

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