Mind over Meds by Daniel Carlat

I will pay for the following article Mind over Meds by Daniel Carlat. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The article mentions Massachusetts General Hospital, otherwise referred to as M.G.H, several. This is the hospital where the author interned, and which has produced many notable leaders in the US mental health segment. The article is a combination of the author’s personal experiences, professional trajectory, and his perspectives on mental health in the United States. For instance, he explains that he was inspired to take up psychiatry by his father, who is also a practicing psychiatrist in San Francisco (Carlat, 2010).

The author also provides readers with a clue of how challenging medical school is, terming the process he went through to qualify as a psychiatrist as “labored.” The author provides the audience with opinions on different issues, such as treatment options used to mitigate the effects of mental disorders and the dynamics of mental health concepts such as psychopharmacology (Carlat, 2010). The author reflects on his mother, who suffered from some depression and paranoia, but did not receive the treatment she needed. This highlights the need for more intense and intricately coordinated treatment options (Carlat, 2010). Finally, this article, in general, provides a rare insight into the field of psychiatry. rare because it is delivered from a personal angle but still incorporates the professional aspects of the practice.

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Mind over Meds by Daniel Carlat
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This article by Stuart Grassian is about the psychiatric effects of solitary confinement. The author argues that tight restriction of the social and environmental interaction has long been known to have profound impacts on mental health. Many patient groups have agonized over this issue (Grassian, 2006). These groups include patients intensive care units (ICUs), spinal patients paralyzed by the need for extensive care, and patients with defective senses (e.g., hearing or visual impairments). The subject has also been a major worry in military settings, planning for space expeditions, and polar and submarine travel (Grassian, 2006). The US pioneered the introduction of long prison sentences, and solitary confinement, as a strategy for managing criminal behavior.

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