Military Leadership

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Military Leadership. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. The primary characteristic of an efficient military leader is a positive influence. Any military leader is endowed with the responsibility of positively influencing the subordinates on the lower rankings. It is the primary objective of a military leader to guide others to achieve the purpose and vision of the military operations through motivation and giving directions. Whereas it is the duty of the subordinates to follow rules and commands from their leaders, the overall effect depends on the level of motivation they receive from their leader. A good military leader does not provide motivation at the battlefront but ensures that it is a continuous process beginning from the training and preparation periods.

Military leadership means understanding rules, regulations, laws, and all operation codes regarding military operations. This means that a military leader should understand all military codes and most importantly, be fully prepared to abide by them (DOA, 2006, p. 16). This way, it will be possible to impart the same to the subordinates. Since the military leader is the prime mentor to all the subordinates, his understanding, loyalty, and exercise of the military code of conduct will be reflected upon the subordinates.

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Military Leadership
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Military leadership means understanding, respecting, and exercising the army values. Therefore, effective military leadership calls for loyalty to the constitution and army regulations, respect to humanity, commitment to service, a high level of moral and legal integrity, as well as personal courage. Most importantly, an effective leader should exercise a high degree of moral authority, especially when making crucial decisions (DOA, 2006, p.24). This implies that a military leader is expected to make rational decisions that would not compromise the aims and objectives of the military unit whilst at the same time respecting the value of humanity.

According to the leadership requirements model, military leadership means leading with character. It is the primary duty of any military leader to develop a good leadership character through training and learning. This is because the subordinates will emulate their leader’s character through influence and mentorship.

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