Media Activism and Cyber Activism.

Write 8 pages with APA style on Media Activism and Cyber Activism. Activism refers to a policy of campaigning vigorously in order to bring a social or a political change to a country (McCaughey and Ayers 117). Media activism and cyberactivism are healthy in society because of their major role in exposing vice in society and enhancing democracy.

Media activism and cyberactivism have contributed significantly to the prevention of AIDS. AIDS activism began in the United States of America in the late nineteen eighties’. the movement was right because the government was not keen on providing adequate support and medication that would boost the immunity of the victims (Murphy & Poirier 107-110). Media activism promotes the actors and actresses in showcasing their performance on stage. Some of the works have been filmed thus supporting the activist work by showing how victims of AIDS are suffering and what should be done (Murphy & Poirier 107). A case example of an AIDS activist is Gregg Bordowitz, who started his career at the school of visual arts (Bordowitz, Meyer, and Crimp 43).

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Gregg tested positive for AIDS and because of this condition, he together with others formed the Damned Interfering Video Activist (DIVA) and he was determined to document protests that helped promote the AIDS movement in America. Bordowitz also produced a documentary called the Fast Trip, Long Drop that showcased the reaction of the public to the scourge and the representation of the AIDS pandemic as a whole as a result, the AIDS campaign did an excellent job as the government of the day so the need of taking preventive measures to curb the disease (Bordowitz, Meyer, and Crimp 43-8).

Aids are a world pandemic that affects every nation of the world Murphy (Murphy & Poirier 107). It’s a sexually transmitted disease that has spread widely and, for this reason, a campaign was launched online on ways to control the disease. Media and cyberactivism came as the result of many people suffering and being infected with the illness. AIDS activism arose because of the rising outcry in which expanded needs. pressures and challenges arose from the need to do sensitization (Miller & James 92)

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