Meat Consumption In America

Ground Beef, between others are the most typical things on a grocery shopping list. Meat forms a great part of our meals that we include it in every single plate we eat. In the essay, “The Only Way to Have a COW’, Bill McKinney imagines a future where Americans will not eat as much meat as they do now. But the likelihood of his vision ever becoming true is far from being realized. I went out interviewing people about what was their opinion of meat consumption in the U. S.
They had really good opinions. One of the few questions I asked was; what is the likelihood of America on becoming vegetarian? Their answers went from America will never become vegetarian to there is a slight chance it will happen. The answer that struck me the most was that of a 19 year old male, Jose, a resident in Los Angles, CA, he said: “In my opinion I doubt America as a whole could ever transfer from being a ‘meat lover’ society to a complete vegetarian society. If you think about it it’s a radiation.
For example, look at Thanksgiving I doubt American’s would give up such tradition. ” Over the years the U. S. Meat consumption has peaked. With about 270. 71 pounds of meat a year per person, the United States is the second country that consumes more meat than any other country on the planet. With such a high demand on meat farmers and scientists have found ways to get more meat out of every cow. If things keep going the way they are Mr.. Muckiness’s vision will be significantly far from being realized.

Meat has become a big part of American’s dietary plans. It has become a big part of my diet as well. In a week, I would probably consume a total of 10 to 12 pounds of meat. Either chicken or beef, I always need to have a piece of meat on my plate, without it my plate would not be a “balanced” meal. If I was to ever become vegetarian or at least lower my consumption of meat, it would be nearly an impossible thing to do. But hey, there is nothing that cannot be done in fife.
It would Just take a little time and some self-discipline to reach this goal. So in a few words, the idea of America ever becoming vegetarian is far from being realized. The high demand of meat in America has caused farmers to invent new ways to obtain the maximum amount of meat from every single cow to satisfy our population. Many Americans would never give up their meat. Think about it America without meat would not be America.

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Meat Consumption In America
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