Manufacturing Car Body.

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Manufacturing Car Body. Different materials undergo different manufacturing processes. The tempering process is used for iron-alloy by heat treatment. Other processes are welding, pressing, and machining. Car body manufacture follows a simple requirement of cost efficiency and objective achievement. The tradeoff here will always ensure that the car produced is stable, cheap, consume less fuel.

Designing a car involves looking and examining that the car design observes various impending issues like aerodynamic efficiency, overall weight, and balance, engine power, materials to be used in the production of certain parts. Using the basic principles of aerodynamic, car body shape should be an airfoil to be able to cut through the air (Omar 2010).

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To achieve car balance is largely influenced by the chassis material and shape used, wheel orientation, and engine setup. All these factors add up to the full package and must be critically analyzed to ensure the car produced meets standards, is safe, and cheaper to construct, purchase, and operate. The geometrical shape of the vehicle affects locomotion. When a vehicle of block body is constructed tradeoff of high engine power comes into play. In the design of fast-moving cars airfoil, the shaped object is of priority.

Carefully studying the properties above goes a long way into developing a model car that meets standards. From the chart, it can be deduced that cars at very high speeds have a very low force of acceleration and reducing the maximum power of the engine. Of relevance to the body, the design is air resistance, which increases as velocity increases (Jiangqi Zhou 2008).

Materials put to use in the manufacture of cars must fulfill certain conditions. Constraining factors are the requirements dictated by car requirements for movement. Other influencing factors are regulation and legislations for environment conservation and safety concerns.&nbsp.

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