Management strategy performance

CLA2 Presentation
CLA2 Comprehensive Learning Assessment (CLA 2) Presentation 

In addition to your CLA2 report, please prepare a professional PowerPoint presentation summarizing your findings for CLA2. The presentation will consist of:

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Management strategy performance
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a concise presentation of 18 slides (minimum)

your major findings, analysis, and recommendations

content from your CLA2 report

learning outcomes from all your major assignments (This would include PA1, CLA1, PA2, and of course, CLA2)

the four PPT slides from your ALA (E) Current Events assignment
an agenda, executive summary, and references slides

Please keep in mind that the university is moving towards a more digital footprint for our students. This means that your final CLA2 presentation may be recorded, so that you may include it in your “e-portfolio” (graduating students should have all of their CLA2 presentations on a flash-drive, in addition to student biography, resume, interests, etc.) Students will present their PowerPoint during the last week of class in either the On-Campus Class Session or the online Virtual Class Session, as determined by the professor. Presentations should not exceed 18 minutes.

 *Please refer to the Grading Criteria for CLA2 Presentations on page 11-12 of the syllabus for specific guidelines and expectations.

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