Making Promotion Decisions.

I will pay for the following article Making Promotion Decisions. The work is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Among the most important considerations when deciding who to promote into a position is which candidate possesses the highest level of hard skills to do the job. It usually does not make much sense to promote someone into a finance management position who does not have a background in finance. This is often the first step in identifying qualified candidates and usually comes as part of the resume review and screening process. The hiring manager must assess the educational and professional experience of the candidates to help determine who would likely be capable of doing the work that would be required.

That being said, there are times when all of the other qualities of a prospective candidate are so strong that a decision might be made to promote that person even though he/she lacks the requisite level of hard skills to do the job effectively. However, this will only be the case when a person’s ability and willingness to learn the requisite skills are evident. That may mean choosing someone with a background of high educational achievement who displays a propensity to engage in professional development activities.

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Making Promotion Decisions.
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Another important characteristic to consider when deciding whom to promote is leadership ability.&nbsp.

All of these responsibilities require effective leadership.

When assessing a person’s leadership potential, a hiring manager should inquire into the candidates’ experiences that may have evidenced leadership qualities. Behavioral-based interviewing can be an effective tool in this regard. Using this method, the hiring manager will ask the candidates to recall a particular event in their personal or professional experience in which they actually demonstrated the desired characteristic. This requires the interviewee to demonstrate a sharp mind in quickly recalling an appropriate event. It also precludes the candidate from talking hypothetically about what they would do in a given scenario. Rather, they are required to explain what they actually have done in a scenario.

The theory is that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. For example, the hiring manager might ask the candidates to recall a time when they had to delegate responsibility in order to achieve an objective. Or she might ask them to recall a time when they had to influence others to behave in a way that helped them to achieve their goals. Either of these questions would elicit valuable information about whether and how the candidates have demonstrated an ability to lead. This information can then be added to the overall formula in determining which candidate has the greatest preponderance of desirable characteristics for the position.


Personality fit is a huge consideration for any hiring decision, particularly when deciding whom to promote. This is also arguably one of the most difficult factors to evaluate in prospective candidates.

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