Macbeth Contextualize Analyze And Personalize

He felt like maybe he shouldn’t have done what he did. Lastly, Machete’s psychological state is that he is feeling suspicious about how Duncan and Banquet are acting. Analyze- In this scene , something that is revealed is that Macbeth immediately realizes that the fulfillment of the prediction may require conspiracy and murder on his part. One thing that Machete’s words in this scene mean to me is that things can be good but also be terribly bad at the same time.
Also, life can be hard at times, but you have to push through it the best you can. You can’t let the bad things overtake the good in life. Think the most important words in this aside are when Macbeth says he is Thane of Castor. These are the most important words because even though some people may not want him to be king there isn’t anything they can do about it for it to change. Personalize- My reaction to these lines are that there is a lot of defense coming from Macbeth, like he is lining guilty or ashamed about being king.
I feel like Macbeth is trying to get a point across to Banquet, that he knows Banquet wants to be king but he will never feel the joy that Macbeth feels. Banquet will never have the power of being king. The way would deal with the situation would most likely be the same way Macbeth did. He seemed very calm about it. He didn’t really get violent, he just stated that he was King, and there’s no way to change it.

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Macbeth Contextualize Analyze And Personalize
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