looking for an electrical engineer

i have a test which is about Electricity and Magnetism with Transmission Lines.

the test is only for 2 hrs, i need someone to do it for me 

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looking for an electrical engineer
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the objective of this course is:

1- Understand wave characteristics and transients on transmisison lines
2.  Design and analyze microstrip and coaxial transmission lines.
3.  Understand the basic quantities, rules of operation, fundamental relations, and applicaitons
of electrostatics and magnetostatics.
4.  Apply vector calculus to solve problems in electrostatics and magnetostatics.
5.  Apply MATLAB to solve and visualize electromagnetic fields.
6.  Solve closed electrostatic boundary value problems using the finite element technique.
7.  Apply  Faraday’s  Law  of  Electromagnetic  Induction  to  predict  how  time-varying  magnetic
fields interact with electric circuits to produce electromotive force (EMF).
8.  Understand skin and proximity effects for AC circuits.
9.  Understand time-varying fields and Maxwell’s equations.
10.  Understand the basic electromagnetic principles behind circuit theory and devices (including
KVL, KCL, batteries, resistors, capacitors, and inductors

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