LITERATURE SYNTHESIS ON THE TOPIC: How do ethnicity and gender influence access to sport and recreation opportunities?

Ive attached the 4 articles along with the annotated bibliography written earlier.

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·         Write a 3-5-page (750-1200 word) literature review (or synthesis) using the four research articles.

·         Minimise the use of direct quotations from the four research articles.

·         Exemplary assignments will not just be a compilation of the annotations from the previous portion of this assignment, but will instead use the research articles to construct an argument that addresses the topic selected by each student.

·         Use APA to cite your research articles and format the entire assignment in APA style.

Each of the themes you identify should highlight important issues within that topic as identified by the researchers whose work you are reading. These themes might reflect the questions asked by researchers, the methods used, and/or the central conclusions found. (You might also suggest “gaps” in the literature, if any are apparent to you as you review your articles.)While your synthesis might not have a specific thesis statement (although it can), your introduction should focus on the broader topic (or research question, if you prefer) addressed by the body of literature that is represented by your four articles and the themes that you have identified within them.

You should conclude by summarising the key themes in the body of literature you are reviewing and any other important take-away messages.

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