Linguistic/Acquisition Theory Presentation

For this assignment, you will explore and critically interact with linguistic or language acquisition theory. 
First, choose a topic related to these categories (suggestions below): a current or seminal/significant article, a school of linguistic theory, an approach to language acquisition, or an influential linguistic or development theorist. For example if you are primarily interested in pedagogy, you may wish to look at an article about a practical approach to language acquisition in the classroom. If you are more interested in linguistic theory, you may choose to research the transformational/generative school of linguistics or an article by Noam Chomsky. 
After completing your research, you will create a multimedia presentation in which you will summarize and analyze this topic. Remember to connect your presentation to the course and to be creative! Your presentation should have both audio and video elements, such as a video presentation, a narrated Powerpoint, or a Web site with embedded video.
The following examples represent three different approaches that previous students have taken to this assignment. Don’t simply imitate these examples, but feel free to refer to them as successful model presentations.
1. A narrated Powerpoint presentation on the Sapir-Whorf HypothesisPresentation Student Sample 1, Sapir-Whorf.pptx

2. A website on Jacques Derrida’s Deconstruction and Of Grammatology:
3. A Prezi presentation on “The Universal Grammar”:
Language Structure and Acquisition Theorists, Theories, and Topic Suggestions for presentation:
(Suggestions only)
-Noam Chomsky
-Ferdinand de Saussure
-Jacques Derrida
-George Lakoff
-B. F. Skinner
-Lev Vygotsky
-Structural Linguistics
-Transformational/Generative Linguistics
-Cognitive Linguistics
-Prescriptive/Traditional Linguistics
-The “universal grammar”
-Social Interactionism
-Relational Frame Theory
-Prescriptive vs. Descriptive Linguistics 
-Corpus Linguistics
-Signed Languages 
-The Reading Wars
-Schema Theory 
**Please refer to the rubric attached for what is expected of presentation
**Please include scholarly references in presentation

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