Leardership In A Global Environment Writing

A boundaries organization is an association where management has largely succeeded in breaking down barriers between internal levels, job functions and departments, as well as reducing external barriers between the association and those with whom it does business. Developing a business into a boundaries organization might include creating a more horizontal management structure, encouraging interdepartmental projects, and empowering staff members. A complete boundaries organization would be somewhat hard to achieve in my current organization but am sure it can be done.
Within my current organization there are different levels because different jobs require different levels of educational backgrounds. Breaking down the job description walls is one step in creating a boundaries organization. For example, in order for a business safety coordinator to be able to perform verification on a clinical trial case they would need to have a life science degree in order to use their medical judgment to access causality per our standard of operating procedures. However, a business safety coordinator is able to perform verification on a post marketing case.
The explanation that IS given for this is because causality is not accessed for post marketing cases. Accessing causality on clinical trial cases is legally required by the Federal Drug Administration, European Medical Authority and most other Healthcare Authorities for all serious adverse events for expedited reporting. If a business safety coordinator is required to participate in all trainings provided by the organization regardless of whether or not they are actually performing that duty on could assume that a training could be reared to teach them how to access causality in order to verify clinical cases as well.

Since they are required to participate in all of these trainings actually being able to perform these functions regardless of educational background it will definitely help with creating a boundaries organization Safety Data Specialists are able to assist the business safety coordinators with data entry only when we are short-handed. The managers only assist the safety data specialists with verification and medical evaluation when they are short- handed.
I believe that another barrier that needs to be broken is if everyone assisted with all of the work on a regular basis instead of having specific job functions. We are also divided by country which is another barrier. One department really does not know how the other office locations work or the rules in which they are governed. One idea I have is if We all are forced to handle everything regardless of the location. This way we will learn the rules and regulations of other countries. This will also force more uniformity across the company as a whole.
At this point currently everyone handles everything differently. This process will be able allow the company to take the best practices from each office location and apply them to one universal workflow. It is definitely still important for our organization to have structure. It provides direction to all employees by laying out the official reporting relationships that manage the workflow of the company. A formal outline of a company’s structure makes it easier to add new positions in the company, as well, providing a flexible and ready means for growth.
Without a formal organizational structure, employees may find it difficult to know who they officially report to in different situations, and it may become unclear exactly who has the final responsibility for what. Organ conditional structure improves operational efficiency by providing clarity to employees at all levels of a company. So even though the one of the ideas I had was to have the managers assist with verification as well as medical evaluations, it is also important for them to maintain responsibility of overseeing any workflow changes as well as hiring and firing employees as well as evaluations and there managerial duties.

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Leardership In A Global Environment Writing
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