Leadership and Strategic Management

For any firm to succeed in its operations the compliance to industry norms is very important that is they must adhere to the rules of competition for market share within a particular industry. This always avoids unfair competition between firms in the same in the same industry. However sometimes a firm may break the industry competition norms through its policies of strategic choice in order to increase its market share and maintain its survival and growth in the industry. Macro environment are the outward factors that influence an organization.
These factors play a role in influencing the type of decision a company makes thereby affecting its performance too. The strategies that an organization embraces mostly depend on the outside factors. For instance, the political, demographical, legal, environmental, economical, social, technological factors impact seriously on an organization as a whole. These factors come in direct interaction with the organization’s routine operations, profit mechanism and its future stability in the market.
(Mark, 2001) Strategic management entails techniques used by the top officials of a company to influence a wider range of operations in an organization. Whatever method they come up with should yield the best results to the organization. That is the organization should remain stable, its profitability should go higher and have a good image in the eye of the public. For these type of results to be realized, the leadership team should be highly qualified and opportunity driven.

In order for this team to be successful, a critical broader look at the organizations dealings should be done. In addition, most time should be directed to working on ones organization and not working for ones organization, if this is not put to play, the ultimate goal will not be realized. Also, this style involves an extra mile in order to make the targeted customer to be satisfied. The leadership should acts as business architects who should be creative to elevate the image of the organization and maintain it’s stability to reach a success that is lasting.
The leadership should create a culture of creativity among its employees so as the strategy being embraced is elevated. To do this the channel of communication should be open. This foster a culture of coming up with strategies that are long lasting. (Mark, 2001) Discussion The macro environment factor exists in the life of the organization to which they is no control over them. In order to get the best results, strategic leadership and macro environment should be implemented jointly. The leadership team should scan for ventures that impact positively on the organization.
The information can be found in the media, magazines on management, and from other leaders who run the same business. This can be realized through, information gotten on the internet, papers that have financial information, talking to political parties so as to come can up with ideology that are beneficial to the organization, and sources that contain information on strategic management. Therefore, in order for the organization to interact with its larger environment fairly, the following factors should be put to play. (Hoyer, 2001)

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Leadership and Strategic Management
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