Discussion Question 1: Kirsten’s Ethical Dilemma
A paralegal is often the person in the office who has the most contact with the clients. Kirsten, a paralegal, is conducting a follow-up interview with a new client who is seeking a divorce. Kirsten is asking about the couple’s marital property. According to the client, both spouses want to divide the property evenly in their divorce. When Kirsten asks the client about checking or savings accounts, the client quietly says to Kirsten, “You know, Kirsten, I have this ‘secret’ savings account, but I don’t want anybody to know about it. Please don’t tell Mr. Harcourt [Kirsten’s supervising attorney] what I’ve just told you.” What should Kirsten do in this situation?
Support your answer with reason and relevant examples.
Discussion Question 2: Role of a Paralegal in the Trial Process
What role does the paralegal play in preparing witnesses, exhibits, and displays for trial? How can the paralegal assist the attorney in preparing the trial notebook? Provide a well-reasoned answer using examples to support your views.
Submission Details:

Post your response to the Discussion Area by the due date assigned. Respond to at least two posts by the end of the week.

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