Judgement and Decision Making in Adolescense

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Judgement and Decision Making in Adolescense. It needs to be at least 2000 words. All these are neurological changes that gradually develop from adolescence to young adulthood. Adolescence is often seen as a challenging time for many young individuals as they navigate seemingly overprotective parents, social cliques at school, and more often than not partial confusion from the inner self. Many researchers have argued that if we are to create resiliency in the young group or the future generation to overcome these problems, the positive teenage development efforts should be focused on both decision-making and problem-solving. There are many factors that influence adolescents’ decision-making processes of this group of individuals including peer pressure, lack of experience, and brain development (Albert et al., 2009). Nonetheless, cognitive psychologists have developed various models and theories including classical conditioning theory, Heuristics and biases, and fallacies to help understand adolescent decision making. Likewise, they offer various approaches that can assist individuals in this challenging developmental stage to cope with pressure and make an informed judgment (Steinberg, 2008).

The process of decision-making and judgment in adolescence is a little bit complex and many times difficult to understand. In general terms, Decision-making and judgment can be regarded as the cognitive procedure that results in the choice or a belief in various alternative possibilities. According to Jacobs & Klaczynski (2005), decision making in adolescence is always influenced by “maturity of judgment” and this always proves to be a great challenge for reason individually or rationally. Their research further adds that “maturity of judgment” can be broken down into two sub facets: psychosocial factors and cognitive capacity. Cognitive capacity during adolescence is that aspect that “shapes the decision-making process,” and encompasses: “understanding (i.e., the ability of the adolescent to clearly information relevant to the decision) and reasoning (i.e., the ability of the individual to use given information logically to make a prompt choice).” In addition, cognitive capacity includes the processing of information, logical reasoning, and a time deliberative thinking (Rivers e al., 2008).

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Judgement and Decision Making in Adolescense
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