JE#6 Political Conversations

Depending on the political party that you support, you will see many differences that separate you from the opposing party. How can we learn, communicate, or make decisions if we are so divided from each other? After watching this TedTalk video, write a five-paragraph Argumentative Essay presenting you point of view on the following question: 
How can we (Americans) be united as people rather than be divided? As you present your argument and counter-argument, you may want to use one of the points that affiliates you with or separates you from a political party over the other one such as divorce, gay marriage, abortion, immigration, etc? (These are some of the examples, or you may use your own.)
Post Requirements 
1. Write an argumentative essay on the topic given.
2.Remember that all good arguments need to have the counter-argument presented.
3.A document with more than 5% non-original material is considered plagiarized. 
4. Argumentative Essays Outline is attached 
5.Outline and Essay needs to be submitted 

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JE#6 Political Conversations
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