Introduction to Vitamins and Minerals/Micronutrients and Energy

Chapter 8 – Micronutrients necessary for metabolism
1. (5 ) You have just returned from the Farmers Market.  How will you store and prepare your foods to  maintain micronutrient value.  You purchased a bag of leafy greens,  red and yellow peppers, and fresh green beans. You also bought a glass bottle of organic milk from the local dairy farmer. Outline strategies to minimize loss of micronutrients.
2. (5 ) If you were going on a trip and could only take 6 food items with you, which ones would you choose to make sure you met your B Vitamin needs?

To answer this…Identify which B vitamins are supplied by each of the 6 foods…there will be overlaps. (There are 8 of them and the book outlines food sources of each.)
Do you think you currently meet all of your Vit. B requirements? Explain.

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Introduction to Vitamins and Minerals/Micronutrients and Energy
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Chapter 9 Water and Electrolytes
1. (3) Most of us do not meet our Adequate Intake (AI) levels for potassium (4.7 gms for adults) and we exceed them for sodium (1.5 gms for adults).  The Dietary Guidelines recommend not exceeding 2.3 gms (2300 mgs) of sodium. 

What foods should people limit to keep sodium intake under the AI for sodium?
List a variety of foods with serving sizes that would help people meet the 4.7 gm AI for potassium. 

Provide a variety of foods with serving sizes that would get close to the AI of 4.7 gms or 4700 mgs., i.e, it is unrealistic to meet potassium needs by eating 6 bananas a day…refer to your text, p. 366, and link to this very comprehensive list of potassium levels in foods (Links to an external site.).

  2.   (3) Who is most vulnerable to becoming dehydrated and under what circumstances?

Describe the most effective rehydration strategies when dehydrated.

 3.  (4) Read this scenario and answer the following questions to explore how blood pressure is related to sodium and potassium intake.
An overweight, sedentary, male in his 50s has just returned from the doctor where he was told to lower his blood pressure because he has hypertension.  He eats out often at fast food places and relies on convenience foods for home meals. He does not engage in regular physical activity as he owns his own computer store and works at least 50 hours a week. He asks you for ideas to help him decrease his blood pressure. 

What would his blood pressure have been for this diagnosis (Refer to p. 371- 372)? 
What are his risk factors for hypertension?
Outline some practical guidelines for change that would help him manage his blood pressure better. (Hint: You should include the DASH diet and you will need to explain this eating pattern. Refer to p. 372 – 373)

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