Intrinsic Motivation in People Management

I will pay for the following article Intrinsic Motivation in People Management. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The concept of motivating people at the workplace by adopting measures beyond the conventional ‘economic benefits’ or extrinsic rewards. with a view to enhance their productivity and performance is indicative of a new age mysticism which belies the commonly accepted and widely used rational economic model, which has since long dominated the people management strategies adopted by managers in workplaces to constantly keep their employees motivated in order to derive better performances. However, during the past couple of years, organizational management has undergone significant transformation in the manner in which it seeks to motivate its employees. The traditional methods of offering extrinsic rewards or economic benefits to the employees in order to keep them motivated and garner higher productivity and hence revenues have become obsolete ever since the introduction of the concept of intrinsic motivation, which is required in today’s workplace.

One of the most commonly discussed economic ideologies is the fact that it emphasizes the aspect of personal economic gain as a key motivating factor within an organizational environment. Various eminent theorists and authors such as Ed Schein, Abe Maslow, and the likes have stated that employees have a higher-order personal needs which govern their behavior. There is a wide amount of literature that claims economic rewards as a key motivator however the evidence on higher employee productivity on account of intrinsic rewards has been mounting in the past couple of decades (Thomas, 20022).

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Intrinsic Motivation in People Management
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Extrinsic benefits or rewards commonly include monetary compensation as a primary tool for enhancing employee performance. However, despite its widespread acceptance, especially among the managers who view it as the most effective means of improving worker productivity, this method has attracted severe criticisms recently. A significant proportion of these criticisms are mainly on account of widespread research, which offers empirical evidence regarding the failure of extrinsic motivation to ensure and sustain, long term organizational performance (Perry et al. 20093. Ingraham 19934. Kellough and Lu 19935. Milkovich and Wigdor 19916). Furthermore, it has also been observed in past researches that debates concerning employee&nbsp.motivation have been traditionally centered on a misplaced assumption that employees are self-centered and hence can be motivated only through offering economic rewards and benefits.

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