internet and privacy.

Write a 5 pages paper on monitoring use of the internet and privacy. The researcher states that the increased use of internet has also made it possible that the personal information of the individuals can be accessed and shared easily beside monitoring the usage patterns has now become a significant ethical issue. Not only organizations are engaged in the internet use and its monitoring but other institutions are also involved in this. The sheer volume of the internet usage and the availability of the variety of options make it relatively important for employers as well as employees to look into the privacy-related to its use. It is, however, important to understand that privacy and internet monitoring issues have also created new legal challenges for the businesses to deal with. Issues such as e-harassment, discrimination besides limiting the exposure of the employees to sensitive information have become important. Organizations, therefore, monitor the activities of their employees in order to ensure that sensitive information about the company as well as trade secrets are not shared. The overall issue of privacy and one’s right to have privacy while at the work is becoming one of the key issues to deal with. Increasingly, privacy is associated with the human dignity and intimacy thus it has become important for the organizations to achieve a balance between what is private and what can be publically accessed. Internet monitoring is mostly based upon monitoring an individual’s activity online including having access to or checking emails, internet browsing, membership of different websites as well as overall behavior on different social media networks. It is, however, important to note that the monitoring of the internet is not just limited to the workplace as there are other areas where it has been made legal to monitor the internet activity of individuals. Libraries offering access to the public internet have been specifically made responsible for monitoring the activity of children on the internet.

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