International Relations Theories and War on Terror.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on International Relations Theories and War on Terror. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. When we challenge the unity, coherence, and self-evidence of such theories from the perspective of actual sufferings and miseries of people who come in contact with the war on terror, the central postulates of these theories begin to collapse.

The purpose of the paper is to critically examine the dominant theories in international relations against the context of the ongoing war on terror. The paper would give a general overview of the major theoretical assertions by different schools in a nutshell and would try to show that how limited and dogmatic they are in characterizing the war on terror. Moreover, an attempt to have a glance at the ways through which dominant international relations theories reproduces the prevailing schemas, power structures an inequalities is also the aim of the paper. Besides, some of the Gramscian tools will also be used in the paper for deconstructing the actual forces behind the war on terror.

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International Relations Theories and War on Terror.
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Besides realism and liberalism, radicalism is considered as “the third overarching theoretical perspective to international relation” (Mingst, 2005, p.71). All of these theories have some way or other supported or initiated war efforts on different grounds. Some support just wars while others support humanitarian intervention. Some theories see anti-imperialist war as just war and the humanitarian interventions by the West as neocolonial assaults. At present, many theorists from across the leading schools support the war on terror based on many dubious arguments.

In classical realism, order and stability are the determining factors of any global order based on the nation-state system. Change is considered the accumulation of more capabilities and resources. The classic realist analysis of the Iraq War is seen as a&nbsp.powers struggle between Saddam’s regime and American empire for establishing hegemony in the Middle East.&nbsp.

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