International Marketing Environment For Germany

Germany happens to be an ideal place for American Interests United to market its new product – the Soccer Franks. This is because Germans are known to thrive especially on sauerkraut and sausage! There are over fifteen hundred types of sausage made in Germany already (“Facts about Germany”). Although the competition faced by Soccer Franks would be stiff, AIU can expect to gain a reasonable share of the market given that Germany is as diverse as New York (Boldt, 2001).
There will be countless consumers desiring the Soccer Frank because of its exotic value. Our product would be, after all, of the very best quality coming from the global leader in business, the United States! In our review of the international marketing environment, we also have to consider the politics, economy, and the technological infrastructure in Germany. Given the turbulent history of politics in Germany, the nation is still said to have a political system that is under challenge. Many changes have been made after the collapse of the Berlin Wall.
Thanks to the stability of the political institutions in the country, however, our business in Germany is not expected to be under threat by turbulent politics in the near future (Sontheimer, 1995). One of the main reasons why American Interests United expects great success in Germany is that the nation has a highly developed national economy (“Banks, building and loan associations, insurance, 2001”). Plus, there are many women working at least part time, which makes packaged food products even more important since innumerable German women do not have the time to cook for their families.

Finally, we are aware that Germany has welcomed new technological advances with open arms. The nation is hiring many foreigners in the fields of technology, principally Information.
INTERNATIONAL MARKETING ENVIRONMENT FOR GERMANY Page # 2 Technology (Nuenke, 2000). AIU can expect, therefore, that there will be hindrance in business due to technological barriers. INTERNATIONAL MARKETING ENVIRONMENT FOR GERMANY Page # 3.
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International Marketing Environment For Germany
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