Interchangeable Manufacturing

Interchangeable Manufacturing and Technical Drawings Until the 1700-1800’s industrial productions was like custom fitting sections in a product. Assembly would consist of craftsman hand filing and grinding roughly shaped parts and putting them together. The invention of interchangeable parts allowed the assembly of products to be done a lot quicker, and without training of a craftsperson. To be able to make the parts there had to be improvements to the technology in the machine had to be made.
This led to a mass production of different products such as, cars, appliances, electronics etc. The products can be made in larger numbers then if each one needed to be hand made. With the development of interchangeable manufacturing, technical drawings have become a very important part of the process. Before interchangeable parts were developed the manufacturer would create a part that worked or fit the machine and just kept producing that part.
A technical drawing done by draftsmen containing known symbols and labels that when sent to the manufacturer they could interpret them and send back a finished product the drafter wanted. Most technical drawings used are simple wire frame views showing the information for production. Technical illustrations are a set of more complex drawings; they contain coloured sections reveling the operating mechanics. Technical drawings are used to convey ideas to others. There function is to communicate descriptions specifications, and instructions to the manufacturer.

This is so the three dimensional objects and systems can be made and assembled correctly. The technical drawing shows many important elements that are needed and how they are assembled. They are also made to show each part of the product and the instructions needed. Technical drawings are an essential process of the interchangeable parts assembly. They help the manufacturer know what specifications are required for the product. Without the drawings the assembly would not be able to run as efficiently as it does today.

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Interchangeable Manufacturing
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