Informational Interview Assignment

Assignment: For this assignment you will arrange and conduct a 20-30 minute in-person informational interview.  Then you will write a 5 page reflection essay about your experience.
What is an informational interview?
An informational interview is a meeting with an individual in a career field you would like to explore. It is one of the best ways to find out about the realities of a career/job. It also provides you with an opportunity to gather information and guidance about the people, environment, and skills involved in that field.
STEP 1: Schedule a 20-30-minute In-Person Informational Interview

Identify a contact & schedule an appointment ASAP!  Begin this process now as working professionals are busy.  Ensure that you will have an interview by and time to write your reflection paper by the deadline. 

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Informational Interview Assignment
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Find someone who inspires you and that you’re curious about, who you believe can best help you with your academic goals. Take time to find this ideal person and make this a meaningful conversation.
Your interviewee can be professional in the field you are interested in or a current student a university majoring in the field that interests you.
Hint: Use your existing network: ask family, friends, classmates, professors, fellow church and other community members to help you connect  

STEP 2: Conduct the Informational Interview

On the day of the interview:

Dress and act professionally, be on-time.  Use the questions provided in class with you and  ask some of the questions provided.
Establish rapport and demonstrate your interest in the interviewee’s comments
Request a business card so you can have their contact information

2.    After the interview: Send a short thank you note within a day or two after your interview. Keep the interview information on file for future reference—person may be an important contact for you later. 

STEP 3:  Write a Reflection Essay
Write a 5 page reflection essay about your informational interview experience.  (12pt font, double spaced, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins. Please include your name, course name (Counseling 24) and student ID in the upper right corner
Please include the contact information of the person you interviewed at the end of your paper.
Phone & Email Address
The essay is based on your experience interviewing someone in a career field that you are interested in.  You should be able to answer the prompts below if you completed a good, thorough informational interview. If necessary, follow up with your interview through phone or email if you need additional information to answer the prompt below.
The essay will consist of three sections:

Provide basic information about the person you interviewed

Include the interviewee’s name, their job title, the company or organization’s name, their educational background.

Provide information about the person’s job

How did they get started in their current career? Why did they choose this career?
What kind of work tasks do they perform on an average day?
What kind of work environment do they work in? Do they work alone or with a team? Explain
What are some of the positive aspects they mentioned about their job? What do they wish could be improved?

Reflect on your experience of doing this informational interview.

What important information did you gain about the field the person works in?
Describe how you felt about conducting this informational interview. Was it a positive experience? Explain why or why not in detail.
What three unique questions did you ask the person and what did you learn from their responses?
After conducting your interview, do you find yourself interested in this person’s line of work? Explain why or why not in detail

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