Incorporating Theory.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Incorporating Theory. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Incorporating Theory: Danabedian theory In this study, the theoretical framework that will be used to support the proposed solution is the Donabedian model. The theory was introduced into healthcare in 1966 by Avedis Donabedian. The theory was designed to focus on a systematic review of care from the patient’s perspective. To date, the theory has been extensively used in healthcare to analyze elements that affect the quality of patient care (Dougherty, 2012).

The theory involves takes a focus on three healthcare delivery categories ‘structure,’ ‘process,’ and ‘outcomes’ to assess information on the quality of care. Under the structure, the theory draws information from the factors that surround the environment in which care is delivered. For the process, the theory looks at the actions healthcare professionals undertake in order to deliver quality care. Finally, the outcomes section looks at the effects on delivery of health care. This theory is most relevant to this study, as it has been successfully used in past studies that were reviewing CLASBI prevention (Dougherty, 2012. Viswanatha, 2011). The theoretical framework developed by Danabedian will ensure all components under infection control are addressed towards preventing CLASBI.

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The theory has been widely used in assessing the three most important components under infection control. These include the environment in which care is delivered, the actions taken during delivery of care, and the outcomes. The proposed study investigates if the use of alcohol impregnated port protector caps to decreases the number of central line-associated bloodstream infections. This follows the various research findings showing that disinfection caps may be the way to go as far as CLASBI prevention and control is concerned (Wawrzyniak et al., 2014. Wright, et al., 2013). The theory, in this case, will carry out a systematic assessment of each component of this study, which involves the environment, practices involved, and results of care provided to confirm if the proposed solution works.

Every component of the theory will be incorporated into the project. This will be achieved by considering the theory’s three major components. Under structure, the theoretical framework will be used to assess the effectiveness of alcohol impregnated port protector caps. For process, the framework will be used to monitor the nurses’ activities during the delivery of care as they utilize the alcohol impregnated port protector caps. Finally, the framework will be used to assess the outcomes of the whole project in order to report if the proposed solution was effective and if not, show the factors that affected its effectiveness. According to Viswanatha (2011) affirms that besides measuring the processes and structure of healthcare delivery it is most important to measure the outcomes of the whole process in order to understand the trends in quality provided by the healthcare team.


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