Improving Leadership Practices.

I will pay for the following article Improving Leadership Practices. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. To guide educational leaders as they develop new rules and regulations, refine existing laws, and make new policies in order to enhance positive student outcome. The following four practices have been presented as high leverage leadership practices that constitute effective leadership:

The power of place is quite important because it acts as a support structure as well as a leadership partner. An effective school leader will ensure that the students and teachers get a climate conducive for learning and teaching respectively, which is characterized by cleanliness and safety, the uninterrupted timetable for the teachers and availability of resources that aid in learning.

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Improving Leadership Practices.
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Educational leaders should consider the following high leverage points to ensure they are effective: insist on teacher quality, research has clearly deduced that 33% of learning impacted on students is from teachers and that teachers are more likely to improve on performance when they work collectively with their peers. Principals can ensure teacher quality by creating central office functions where teachers interact during service delivery, continuously train teachers on better teaching methods and motivating them. Leaders can also define learning and ensure a guaranteed and viable curriculum, this will ensure both the students and the teachers are not confused about what is expected of them. The principal can then supervise by evaluating what the students learnt and how they learnt it.

The school leader can do this by forming a learning-focused partnership, carrying out teacher evaluations, family ties, and interactions, forming a data management system that records teaching habits and monitoring and providing feedback on teaching and the learning process in general. A leader in an educational setting should act to ensure that all stakeholders i.e. teachers, students and parents are alignments towards a shared goal that ensures quality student outcome.&nbsp.

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