Importance Of A Teaching Philosophy Education Essay

Alhamdulillah, my learning experience began when I was still a pupil in secondary school. The deferral and interruptions were the occasions for me to affect myself in the instruction procedure. This continued at place whereby I used to acquire phone calls from my friends to explicate about a peculiar subject from topics like mathematics, natural philosophies and chemical science. After graduating from college, I worked for six months as instructor in a private secondary school in my vicinity before prosecuting myself into third surveies. Hence, I could state that working as a instructor after my graduation from university is something I would see as normal.
Actually, I am in my 5th twelvemonth as an pedagogue and Alhamdulillah, I had the experience of working in three different schools with pupils, both male childs and misss, from different socio-cultural backgrounds. In the undermentioned chapters, I would wish to portion my instruction doctrine. But first, the importance of developing one ‘s learning doctrine will be discussed.
Chapter Two – Importance of a Teaching Doctrine

A instruction doctrine statement is “ a systematic and critical principle that focuses on the of import constituents specifying effectual instruction and acquisition in a peculiar subject and/or institutional context ” ( Schonwetter et all, 2002, p.84 ) . Harmonizing to Campos ( 2010, p.2 ) , it states “ our acquisition experiences, ends, beliefs, degree of professionalism and self-development among many other elements ” . As for Natasha Kenny ( 2008, p.8 ) , an educational developer at the University of Guelph, a learning doctrine statement “ clearly and logically communicates what your cardinal values and beliefs are about learning and acquisition, why you hold these values and beliefs, and how you translate these values and beliefs into your mundane instruction and acquisition experiences. ”
Sing the importance of developing a instruction doctrine, Coppola ( 2002, p.450 ) states that “ the instruction statement gives you a get downing point for analyzing your instruction patterns, allows you to portion your thoughts with others, and allows you to supervise the advancement of your ain development as a instructor ” .
Brookfield ( 1990 ) identified four different intents in developing a instruction doctrine. These intents are:
Personal intent ; it is good that your learning doctrine reflects why you are making what you are making.
Political intent ; your learning doctrine demands to demo that your place is grounded in a well-developed and carefully doctrine of pattern. This helps you to derive regard, which is of import to turn yourself in the political country.
Professional intent ; your learning doctrine demands to demo your professional ends to develop an individuality that will assist you to better the development of professional strengths among other instructors.
Pedagogical intent ; instruction is about turning and happening new ways to develop your lessons harmonizing to the scholars ‘ demands, so your learning doctrine should demo what consequence you are holding on pupils and on their acquisition?
Chapter Three – My Teaching Doctrine
3.1 Teaching in General
“ Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift instead than a difficult responsibility ” – Albert Einstein
Alhamdulillah, since I began learning, I had the juncture to learn different topics, besides Mathematicss, like English Literature, Computer Studies and Integrated Science to pupils with a wide scope of demands, cognition, and cultural backgrounds. Apart from working as pedagogue in colleges, I besides try to assist my friends and others outside school. Furthermore, I used to give a particular class on “ Tajweed ” to my brothers of the Islamic religion in the mosque. I one time had the chance to learn a friend who was set abouting his undergraduate grade in Mathematicss and he was older than me. Several of import general rules that I try to utilize in my instruction pattern can be formulated as follows:
No affair how experienced a instructor is, every new category and every new pupil pose a challenge. For excellence in instruction, there is ever room for betterment.
A instructor has to appeal to different acquisition manners, to offer a assortment of instructional experiences, and to maintain an unfastened head to new learning techniques to give every pupil the chance to take part to the full and actively in the acquisition procedure.
Bing a successful instructor depends on making a acquisition environment with the unfastened geographic expedition of thoughts, a relationship in which pupils feel respected every bit good as challenged. Students should be encouraged to stretch themselves a bit beyond their degree of comfort and be given an chance to go forth every category feeling that they have overcome a new challenge successfully.
Teaching should be an built-in constituent of the creative activity of new cognition, an initial measure toward go oning instruction, and foremost of all, self-cultivation.
Though student satisfaction is of import for better acquisition, learning – particularly in mathematics – should non go a popularity competition, or a show. A instructor is responsible to the society in general, and should defy the force per unit area of take downing academic criterions in instruction.
3.2 Teaching of Mathematicss
“ We could utilize up two Eternities in larning all that is to be learned about our ain universe and the 1000s of states that have arisen and flourished and vanished from it.A Mathematics entirely would busy me eight million old ages ” – Mark Twain
“ Mathematics is like checkerss [ draughtss ] in being suited for the immature, non excessively hard, amusive, and without hazard to the province ” – Plato
Bing a mathematics instructor every bit good as a lover of the topic, there are some characteristics of mathematics that makes it a really particular subject. To call a few:
Mathematicss is an first-class rational game where all the participants win.
Mathematicss is besides a theoretical account that can be used for developing independent and critical thought.
Mathematicss can be seen as a linguistic communication that allows us to pass on thoughts exactly between ourselves.
Last, mathematics is a tool used in natural scientific disciplines and, therefore, a needed subject for many pupils.
The above statements entirely actuate me to portion my mathematical cognition, among others, to my pupils. However, my ends for learning mathematics are many. First, communicate to my pupils that mathematics is a merriment and better their assurance approximately mathematics every bit good as cut downing their anxiousness about mathematics. Other ends are:
Detect and make full spreads in pupils ‘ anterior math cognition
Develop a mathematical sense about measures, geometry, and symbols
Develop a assortment of problem-solving schemes and basic computational accomplishments
Enable and empower pupils
Enable pupils to do judgements based on quantitative information, to turn out basic consequences, to read mathematics efficaciously and to understand their ain idea procedures
Promote a broader involvement in mathematics
Ensure that pupils truly understand constructs
Establish constructive pupil attitudes about mathematics
Facilitate acquisition of life-long acquisition accomplishments
Foster a desire to inquire mathematics inquiries, critical thought, pupil find of mathematics and surrogate apprehension of the cogent evidence of cardinal theorems
Teach the beauty of mathematics
Aid pupils learn the cardinal theorems and their applications
Improve pupils ‘ apprehension of engineering
Improve pupils ‘ authorship abilities
Increase the figure of mathematics big leagues every bit good as the pupils ‘ mathematical cognition
Model expert problem-solving
Motivate pupils to do an attempt to larn mathematics
Open the doors to other chances for pupils
Prepare future mathematicians, pupils for proficient callings and pupils to be knowing grownups
Thatch applications to other Fieldss ; particularly for abstract topics like vectors whereby pupils frequently ask the inquiry: “ where will vectors used us in our life? ”
Teach reckoner and computing machine accomplishments, cardinal constructs, generalizing, logical logical thinking, mathematical authorship, foretelling, problem-solving and proof-reading of mathematics
Thatch pupils how to interpret back and Forth between words and mathematics
Thatch pupils to work collaboratively
It is, unluckily, really hard to seek to demo the existent beauty of mathematics in the model of most bing course of study as they are designed to feed pupils with frequently more facts than anyone could get down. Just covering the needed stuff normally takes a bit more clip than is available. Another job is that mathematics as a linguistic communication can be rather proficient, and to explicate something meaningful, one has to pass old ages larning regulations of the mathematical grammar foremost.
I consider mathematics to be a disputing topic to learn, which makes it particularly attractive for me. I try to utilize every possibility to expose pupils to the exciting universe of mathematics, frequently implicitly, so they may non even detect it at first. I think that pupils ‘ engagement is important for larning mathematics.
3.3 Teaching Manners and Methods
My mathematics schoolroom features multiple of methods of direction that depends on:
the capable affair of the lesson, that is, the subject to be taught and
my experience with how single pupils and categories best learn mathematics.
On some occasions, the student-centred attack or whole-class treatments are undertaken while on other occasions, small-group probes are carried out and still others see persons working one-on-one with another pupil or with me. This schoolroom interaction helps construct relationships between my pupils and I and at the same time, among the pupils themselves. These assorted schoolroom patterns help turn to the varied acquisition manners found in the mathematics schoolroom.
Furthermore, I prepare my categories meticulously, but I like to improvize whenever possible. I dislike being interrupted during my account but I love it when the pupils ask inquiries afterwards ; and I congratulate them for any good inquiries and remarks. I open each session with a brief reminder of the old session ‘s stuff and an lineation of the twenty-four hours ‘s subject, and I typically conclude with a sum-up of cardinal points. There is a particular session for reappraisal before every major trial. I normally speak clearly, aloud, and easy, but enthusiastically. Students are encouraged to larn from each other as their classs are non curved, therefore, pupils are non viing with their schoolmates. In some categories, particularly my Incorporate Science categories, I give group undertakings and prep, depending on the subject being covered. When possible, I distribute solutions to homework jobs, quizzes, and trials. To cut down pupils ‘ anxiousness about trials, I usually give my pupils alteration exercisings before any major trial and I encourage them to work excess jobs on their ain and come to see me for any jobs. I do non see memorisation to be the most of import in mathematics categories ; this is why I make and promote my pupils a batch to pattern maximal figure of jobs. If the course of study would hold allowed it, I would do all my trials open-book/notes. Assignments and undertakings are of course integrated into my classs. I spend clip explicating the assignments and work outing similar jobs in category for farther treatment.
3.4 Use of Technology
I remember that one time I was in a meeting with my above 70 twelvemonth old curate and he told me: “ In my clip, when we had to make a mathematical computation, we used the logarithm tabular array ” and he asked me whether I knew how to utilize the logarithm tabular array! Alhamdulillah, today we have the electronic reckoner. This small piece of engineering is the lone electronic device that our pupils can utilize in their surveies as the different course of study do non provide for the usage of other electronic devices in the scrutiny room. I would hold loved to see a alteration in these course of study which would enable more the usage of engineering in the acquisition of mathematics. Personally, I am a great fan of the newest educational package that may be used in the instruction and acquisition procedure. At present, to utilize mathematical package at college would look unrealistic but I hope to happen a alteration shortly in the course of study which will do it existent. However, pupils foremost need to understand that engineering is a tool, much like a compass or a protractor, and that engineering must be used merely as a tool. Central to my usage of engineering in the schoolroom is the thought that pupils must understand what they are making mathematically even when they use engineering as an assistance.
As mentioned earlier, the most omnipresent piece of engineering in and out of the schoolroom is the electronic reckoner. While the reckoner can be a utile tool to decrease the plodding of computations, it is of import for pupils to be able to work without it. This does non intend that reckoners should non be used, but instead that pupils should hold some intuition about whether an reply is sensible. The usage of reckoners and other engineering can better a pupil ‘s intuition of mathematics and mathematical logical thinking. While most exercisings in a statistics category have comparatively little informations sets, utilizing premade informations sets and computing machine plans allows pupils to derive existent experience with professional tools and helps them visualise tendencies. The usage of computing machine package with prepared illustrations is really utile for in-class visual images in different classs, such as differential equations, concretion, and even pre-calculus. While making the assignment for the module Instructional Technology for my Bed Course, I came across package called Yenka which provides simulations. I truly appreciated the portion on chance where while explicating the different results when fliping two coins, there a simulation really fliping the two coins. I hope, insha Allah, to utilize it when I explicating this subject t my pupils in the close hereafter.
With the coming of tablet PCs, I am hopeful, insha Allah, that it is merely a affair of clip before the usage of mathematical package and on-line scrutiny at secondary degree will be implemented. But, at the same clip, I strongly oppose the maltreatment of engineering. There are classs in mathematics, where pupils need to larn how to utilize their encephalon instead than calculators/computers. In my short experience in instruction, I came across an HSc ( Higher School Certificate ) pupil making the simple arithmetic job utilizing a reckoner! ! !
3.5 My Best Personal Achievement
“ Facilitate things to people and do non do it difficult for themaˆ¦ ” – Prophet Muhammad ( Peace and Blessing of God Almighty be upon Him )
I unfeignedly believe that the best academic public presentation of a pupil is non to see the high-flyer pupil being ranked foremost at the terminal of the twelvemonth but instead to see the low-achiever pupil able to reply about all inquiries of the same exam paper right at the terminal of the twelvemonth and have a really good consequence, irrespective of his/her overall rank.
At my school, the construct of cyclosis is applied to divide the best pupils, frequently labeled as the “ high-flyers ” , and those less able pupils, frequently labeled as low-achiever pupils ( some advocates of the Marxist position will differ wholly with this construct ) . Last twelvemonth, I had the chance to work with the less able pupils of Form I and Form II, learning Integrated Science. Alhamdulillah, I was motivated but I could that a batch of these pupils lack motive. Furthermore, some of them came from hapless socio-background and some came from broken households. There was even a kid who repeated Form I! So, at first it seems really hard to anticipate that half of them would understand the different subjects even more so that they would go through their concluding twelvemonth test. After all, we are speaking about Science which purportedly is a topic for the intelligent pupils.
I figured out that I should utilize a different attack with them. Finally, I opted for the “ Learning by Fun ” construct. It required much more energy from me but Alhamdulillah, I do non repent for one second all the energy used that twelvemonth when working with these pupils as the ground is obvious ; about all students non merely passed the concluding twelvemonth scrutiny but they really obtained really good consequences Masha Allah. The frost on the bar was when the caput of the scientific discipline section informed me that the curate was really pleased with the consequence.
3.6 Reasoning Notes
I believe that each kid is a alone person who needs a secure, lovingness, and exciting ambiance in which to turn and maturate emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. It is my desire as an pedagogue to assist pupils run into their fullest potency in these countries by supplying an environment that is safe, supports risk-taking, and invites a sharing of thoughts. There are three indispensable elements that I believe are contributing to set uping such an environment,
the instructor moving as a usher,
leting the kid ‘s natural wonder to direct his/her acquisition, and
advancing regard for all things and all people.
When the instructor ‘s function is to steer, supplying entree to information instead than moving as the primary beginning of information, the pupils ‘ hunt for cognition is met as they learn to happen replies to their inquiries. For pupils to build cognition, they need the chance to detect for themselves and pattern accomplishments in reliable state of affairss. Supplying pupils entree to hands-on activities and leting equal clip and infinite to utilize stuffs that reinforce the lesson being studied creates an chance for single find and building of cognition to happen.
Equally of import to self-discovery is holding the chance to analyze things that are meaningful and relevant to one ‘s life and involvements. Developing a course of study around pupil involvements Fosters intrinsic motive and stimulates the passion to larn.
Helping pupils to develop a deep love and regard for themselves, others, and their environment occurs through an unfastened sharing of thoughts and a wise attack to train. When the voice of each pupil is heard, and environment evolves where pupils feel free to show themselves. Class meetings are one manner to promote such duologue. I believe kids have greater regard for their instructors, their equals, and the lessons presented when they feel safe and certain of what is expected of them. In puting just and consistent regulations ab initio and saying the importance of every activity, pupils are shown regard for their presence and clip. In bend they learn to esteem themselves, others, and their environment.
For me, learning provides an chance for continual acquisition and growing. One of my hopes as an pedagogue is to transfuse a love of larning in my pupils, as I portion my ain passion for larning with them. I feel there is a demand for compassionate, strong, and dedicated persons who are excited about working with kids. In our competitory society it is of import for pupils to non merely have a solid instruction, but to work with person who is cognizant of and sensitive to their single demands. Alhamdulillah, I am such a individual and will ever endeavor to be the best pedagogue that I can be.

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