Impact of Social Media on the Practice of Journalism.

I will pay for the following article Impact of Social Media on the Practice of Journalism. The work is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The article thus discusses the change in the objectivity of journalists as well as the ownership of information by journalists. Furthermore, the document focuses on the increasing traffic of receptors as well as the acquisition of trust from the news consumers as per the authority that a journalist acquires from the consumers of the news. The publication also features on the changing participants of news, the changing style of disseminating the news, and the circle that attributes the generation of the breaking news. The views of the writer also appear at the end of the document. A reference list appears at the finalization of the paper to authenticate the propositions therein.

The debate that surrounds the impacts that social media has on journali8ism is a matter of the changing technology. Research works establish that the role of technology with respect to the human population is numerous. The development is in the aim to create and consequently enhance the capacity of human interactions and strengthen the organization of businesses. Moreover, the configuration of companies tends to develop, and the service that all firms offer to the customer base experiences a quality upsurge (Bor, 2014, p. 245). The various aims of technical development over the years have not had substantial effects on the business world only. In fact, technological developments ensure that all spheres of human life become even better. The journalism perspective of humans is on the frontline in terms of the inducements that the technological developments are creating. (Chen, 2013, p. 44)

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Impact of Social Media on the Practice of Journalism.
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The test of time makes sure that technology rises up to new levels. In the past, the use of text messages and the corresponding adoption of electronic mail has been the most advanced methods of information transmission. Recently, there is a rise in the creation of more convenient methods of communication. The methods include blogs, wikis, message boards as well as social networks. Most notably, the popularity of all the communication modes is great and makes the world become a unit village. All the styles include social media (Bryfonski, 2012, p. 37).

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