Hydrogen as alternative energy.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Hydrogen as alternative energy. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Apart from the abundance in the universe, hydrogen gas is in much less quantity in our planet. The reason for this difference is the less density of earth and low weight of hydrogen that aids it in excavating itself away from the earth’s atmosphere. It exists on earth in the form of hydrocarbons and in the water ( 2/3rd ratio of the earth), making H2 the 3rd largest found an element on earth. Hydrogen sources are methane and some bacteria and algae.

According to an approximation, each 9/10 atoms in this universe are hydrogen. Hydrogen was discovered by a British fellow, Henry Cavendish in 1766, where he also proved hydrogen to be an integral part of water.

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Hydrogen as alternative energy.
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Hydrogen combines with nearly every element of the periodic table, existing in nature in the form of sugars, alcohols, acids, fuels, carbonates, phenols, etc.

The necessary element for fuel cells is hydrogen. Due its abundance and combinations with nearly every compound, hydrogen can be extracted from any of such compounds and has the ability to provide as a source of green energy. The reason lies in the manufacturing process of hydrogen and its chemistry that enables green service.

Now the question is where we can find hydrogen to run the fuel cells?

Fuel cells usually come up with reformers or the hydrogen generators. The ultimate and everlasting solution of the problems lies in solar powered fuel stations. Methane producers and natural gas production can store hydrogen after it is formed as a raw product during extractions.

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