Human Resources Development.

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Human Resources Development. This occurs after human resource development runs planning for human resources where they determine the employees required to meet the goals and achieve set targets for the organization. Recruitment involves attracting qualified applicants for a job that exists in the organization and the qualifications should meet the job description, while selection involves human resource management selecting from the qualified applicants that are best suited (“Introduction to human…”, n.d.). The other role of human resources is orientation into an organization where after hiring. an employee is expected to familiarize himself or herself with the organization and its functions and operations. In this case, human resource development plays its role in orientation, where it acquaints its employees with aspects of the organization so that the employee is comfortable in the organization and ready to work based on the information that is passed on to him or her during this process. Human resource development provides information on the basics and other information that an employee collects and creates in the process of working in the organization, but most of it is the basics that are provided at orientation (“Introduction to human…”, n.d.).

The third important role of human resource development is training and development, where it provides employees with skills and knowledge to perform their tasks and fulfill their duties responsibly and as per organizational objectives. In this role, human resource development provides training for new employees who lack experience and also provide training for employees with experience, but whose jobs are dynamic in that they are undergoing change. Currently, HRM roles are influenced by technology and outsourcing practices that some organizations apply to improve efficiency.

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