Human Resource Information System

Provide a 1 page analysis while answering the following question: Human Resource Information System 2. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Can Knowledge be turned into a Database? Introduction What is a database? Databases are defined as sets of organized data related to one another (Kavanagh, Thite and Johnson 36)

. They are seen as a set of interrelated data items that can be accessed and processed by one or more computer business application programs. Knowledge can be argued to be all of the steps and procedures that one follows in an attempt to use both data and information in conducting a business and in making key decisions (Kavanagh, Thite and Johnson 37)

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Human Resource Information System
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Levels of Database Information.

The information in a database can be effectively shared by persons working in one organization at three levels. These levels are:

1. Operational employees, whom mostly need to access the Transaction processing systems (TPS) to help in the day to day normal business functions.

2. Managers, who mostly need to utilize the management reporting systems functions in databases.

Executives, who mostly rely on decision support systems (DSS) to enhance their decision making capacities in relation to the business (Kavanagh, Thite and Johnson 42).

3. .

How Knowledge is stored in databases.

It can be argued that decisions support systems in databases can quickly analyze data and information and provide the business executives with knowledge. All the executive has to do is choose one of the options that the decision support system has provided to make key, crucial decisions affecting the business (Kavanagh, Thite and Johnson 53).

Data retrieved from the system by the use of queries can then be used in the diagnosis of problems and the uncovering of business patterns. Business intelligence systems are now used in databases to provide executives with information on customers, suppliers or any other relevant information from the company database. The systems help users make better informed decisions on their businesses(Kavanagh, Thite and Johnson 53).


From the arguments put forth above, it is clearly evident that knowledge can be stored in a database through the use of Business Intelligence Systems such as Decision support systems. This knowledge is in turn be used by managers and executives to aid in the effective running of the business.

Works Cited:

Kavanagh, Michael., Thite, Mohan., Johnson, Richard. Human Resource Information Systems: Basics, Applications, and Future Directions. New York, Sage Publications.

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