We are bombarded by a perpetual stream of marketing and advertising in our culture to such an extent that it takes actual effort often to escape being confronted by either brands themselves or some extended promise of fulfillment via identification with and loyalty to said brands. How often have we heard the apathetic recognition of someone confronted by the objectification of women? “Sex sales”, they say shrugging, “What’re you gonna do?”
We are going to take a moment to be critical of the inundation of objectification in advertising. We will take account of the compulsory heterosexuality in commercials today. We will be on guard against the perpetuation of gendered stereotypes. We will be wary of the needless sexualization of inanimate objects and we will be especially apprehensive of the feminization of meat and meat products. We will be painfully aware of how bodies are portrayed as consumable.
Required: You must include the following 

You will provide three (3) images total:

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taken from three different actual advertisements
for three different real products
that you encounter
that are arguably sexist. 

For each image you will provide two (2) additions:

the name of the product being sold
a brief justification for why each advertisement is susceptible to a feminist critique

Thus, to clarify, we will ideally have 3 and only 3 images imbedded into the discussion post and each of the images will then also have the name of the product and a brief justification provided as well. 

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