homework 2 interview

Interview five (5) individuals from significantly different backgrounds (e.g., students, 
professors, managers, entrepreneurs) (
2 of 5 must be entrepreneurs
) and ask them some
of the following sample questions: 1) to define who is an entrepreneur, 2) what are 
typical characteristics of entrepreneurs, 3) can managers also be entrepreneurs (if so, 
explain), 4) do you consider yourself an entrepreneur, if so, why? 5) entrepreneurs 
significantly contribute to the economic and social welfare of a society? If so, in what 
way, 6) can you please name three (3) pros and three (3) cons of being an entrepreneur, 
7) do you think that entrepreneurs feel a greater sense of self-fulfillment than individuals 
in other professions? Please note that these are only a sample of questions you may ask; I 
highly encourage you to demonstrate initiative and intellectual curiosity by asking several
of your own questions. You should end your assignment by comparing and contrasting 
the characteristics of entrepreneurs vs non-entrepreneur

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homework 2 interview
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