History of Ebola Virus Disease

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: History of Ebola Virus Disease. Based on the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”, the Ebola virus was named after the “Ebola River”, in which the Ebola virus was first discovered in 1976. Despite the fact that Ebola is an extremely infectious ailment, it should be noted that it is not extremely contagious. This disease is infectious due to the fact that an infinitely small amount can result in illness. According to the laboratory experiments conducted on the non-human primates, it was ascertained even just a single Ebola virus is sufficient to cause a fatal infection. Humans can become infected by the virus when they come into contact with body fluids of a person who is infected or even from any contaminated objects that are handled by the infected individuals (Forbes, 2014).

Available research has indicated that indeed, the illustration of how Ebola is covered by the media portrays how problematic such media reports can actually be. For example despite the fact that the first Ebola patient who was diagnosed with the ailment died some days earlier, it was surprising how the media in the US gave it significant attention yet three days earlier, the Sierra Leone Government Health Officials had reported the death of approximately 121 Ebola deaths in just one day. But however, the Western Media gave the issue in Sierra Leone little attention. Until the American Doctors who were working in the Ebola stricken West African countries became diagnosed with the Ebola disease, the outbreak had indeed remained to be largely faceless in the media.

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History of Ebola Virus Disease
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The outbreak of the Ebola disease can only become a great issue in the media if it was spread to the United&nbsp.States of American soil. This is therefore a great indicator that indeed, the media really seemed to treat some of the epidemics differently based on where they happened and to whom. It can be asserted that unfortunately, the Western Media has rated diseases as being first-world and third-world ailments, and therefore, the attention which is devoted to the third world diseases is highly dependent on the threat posed on the Western countries and not on a universal or global measure of human suffering.

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