History of Developing Joint Operations

I will pay for the following article History of Developing Joint Operations. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The core objective of the joint operations is to guide the dictate progressive development ad experimentation of security. All that is made possible through the establishment of a common framework that does guide the military professionals in all the protocols regarding future joint operations. The element of visualizing the future joint operations in a bid to monitor and evaluate the policies is also at stake with the common interests of the policymakers and military forces. The team performing all these operations are motivated and guided by their success.

The world was full of political instability during the moments of Joint Operations emergence. Countries are waging wars against each other for petty reasons. Many regions are experiencing immense political instability and delayed economic growth. The fall of the Soviet Union led to all these unstable events. The blame game was the order of the day, and this scenario did call for the formation of a joint military operations2. The operations did influence the security positively through the reduction of transnational threats such as ethnic tensions, economic instability, health issues, and crime reduction. The defense budget was also reduced considerably as the nations could work together hence sharing the problems and budgetary allocations.

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History of Developing Joint Operations
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Lafayette did send word that he found Lord Corn on the banks of the York in VA. Washington wanted to invade New York, but he decides to go south, and he joins with British forces, comes in through New York town, and pushes north3. This battle was key, and the Prime minister of Britain resigned. Admiral de Grasses leave the West Indies and sail to the Chesapeake Bay fights, take the bay, and secures the mouth of the York. Lafayette sends some troops ground and assists in cutting off the British further up.

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